Load 40HQ container to Libya


game machine send to Libya
game machine send to Libya

As a professional game machine foreign trade salesperson, I have been involved in the shipment of coin-operated game machines to different countries, including Libya. In this article, I will describe the process of shipping a 40HQ container of coin-operated game machines to Libya.this time loading the game machine include :aliens shooting game machine ,claw machine ,bumper car,outrun racing machine ,boxing machine ,the king of hammer machine,Golden Fort coin pushing machine ,Machinist redemptiong machine ,kid machine ,basketball shooting machine.

super ranger kid machine
super ranger kid machine

Pre-Shipment Preparation

Before shipping the coin-operated game machines to Libya, there are several pre-shipment preparations that must be done. First, we need to ensure that the machines are well-packaged to avoid any damage during transportation. The packaging materials used include bubble wraps, foam sheets, and cartons. We also label each package with details such as the recipient’s name and address, the content, and handling instructions.
Next, we need to check the necessary export documentation, which includes the commercial invoice, packing list, and bill of lading. These documents are essential for customs clearance and ensure that the shipment complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

Loading the Container

Once the pre-shipment preparations are complete, the next step is to load the coin-operated game machines into a 40HQ container. We carefully stack the packaged machines in rows, ensuring that there is no damage or displacement during transportation. We also secure the machines with straps to prevent any movement.
After loading the container, we perform a final inspection to ensure that everything is secure and in place. We then seal the container and prepare it for shipment.

Shipping and Arrival

The container is then transported to the port of departure, where it undergoes further inspections and clearance procedures. We work closely with the shipping company to ensure that the container is loaded onto the appropriate vessel and dispatched on time.
Once the container arrives at the port of destination in Libya, it undergoes customs clearance, where the necessary documents are verified, and the machines are inspected. After clearance, the container is released to our logistics partner for transportation to the final destination.

Installation and Maintenance

Upon arrival at the final destination, the coin-operated game machines are installed and tested by our team of technicians. We also provide a manual with instructions on how to operate the machines, troubleshoot any issues, and maintain them properly.
We offer our customers a warranty period during which we provide maintenance and support services, ensuring that the machines operate smoothly and efficiently.

In conclusion, shipping coin-operated game machines to Libya involves a rigorous process that requires meticulous planning, documentation, and execution. By following these steps, we ensure that our customers receive high-quality machines that are packaged securely, shipped on time, and installed and maintained properly. As a professional game machine foreign trade salesperson, it is our responsibility to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services and that their businesses thrive.


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