1-player 360 vr

1-player 360 vr

Model NO.:CP-S007-1


Power: 2500W

Weight: 180KG

Player:1 Player

1-player 360 vr1 player 360 vr details as below 


Product Description


Single Player 9D VR Flying Simulator 360 Degree Rotation Virtual Reality Flight Roller Coaster Simulator
1. With Cooling Appearance Design
2. High Immersion Effects
3. Accurate Motion Simulation
4. 360 Degree Full Rotation
360 VR Motion Chair(VR VISION) is a virtual reality chair equipped with varieties of high quality vr games, including roller coaster and other different rotating games. It is one of the most popular and crazy entertainment equipment in the vr


Model 1 player 360 vr
Size L178*W104*H230 CM
Power 3.0 KW
Voltage 220V / Voltage Converter
Chair Artificial leather Seat
VR Glasses Deepoon E3C (2.5K)
Screen 32inch HD LED Screen
Games 19 Pcs
Game Type Roller Coaster, Shooting
Weight 500KG
Special Effects Wind Blowing
Feature Shooting +  Support 360 degree rotation,Support coin and slot card

1-player 360 vr Packaging & Shipping

Bubble pack + wellpaper + stretch films + wood frame.
Packaging & Shipping
Bubble pack + wellpaper + stretch films + wood frame.


What is a VR game


Virtu y game, English name “Virtual reality game”, as long as you turn on the computer and wear a virtual reality helmet, you can enter an interactive virtual scene, not only the current scene, but also the past and future. After understanding virtual reality, the concept of virtual reality games is not difficult to understand. Wearing a virtual reality helmet, what you see is the world of the game, no matter how you turn your eyes, you are in the game.


game principle


Its principle is to use computer simulation to generate a virtual world of three-dimensional space, to provide users with the simulation of visual, auditory, tactile and other senses, so that users can feel the immersive experience, and can freely interact with the things in the space. interact.


Although virtual reality technology has only appeared in recent years, it has already been applied in many fields, including medical simulation surgery, military aerospace simulation training, industrial simulation, emergency deduction, and video games. Among them, there is a more important connection between video games and virtual reality technology.


Because unlike pure simulation in other industries, video games often need to build a complete macro world, which requires higher technical requirements. Therefore, while serving as an application platform, games also play a huge role in the development of virtual reality technology. demand traction.

Transportation Expenses:


1. All 1-player 360 vr shipments freight is in conformity with the real-time quotation which is shown on alibaba.com.
2. Goods coul

d be shipped by sea. Please contact us online for checkout directly.


1. Alipay, T/T, Paypal are acceptable, and other payment methods are also available in alibaba secure payment service.
2. Payment must be made within 3 days after order confirmation.


After-Sale Service


One year hardware warranty , and lifetime of technical support and game update ; * Within 4 hours Response time guarantee . * More than 200 countries technical support, cinema installation, technical guidance; * Skype/Whatsapp/wechat/QQ anytime and anywhere to solve problems; * Professional advice of cinema maintenance * Provide professional technical guidance by English



Question 1: We are planning to invest a new game city, but we did not have such experience before. How should we do?
Answer 1: (from colorful park’s general manager):


Once our customers’site has been selected, colorful park company will make out the planning flow for our customers. We will carry out a series of investigation and analysis of customers’ market. Then, we will bring out a suitable investment and planning program for them, and help them solve the difficulties before operation.


Question 2: We are worried about your vr quality and after-sales service.
Answer 2 (from after-sales department):1.colorful park company offers our professional technical solutions to our customers, including photos,videos and files.
2.we support three parties (customer, after~sales service staff and technician) online communication. And the technician helps customers solve their problems by operating the real game machines.
3.Colorful park company arrange technicians to customers’ sites to help them solve problems.


Question 3: How about the delivery time, transportation, and related fees?
Answer 3 (from foreign salesman):
1, we can ship your game machines to you in 7-15 days after we receive our customers’deposit.
2. Generally, we ship our game machines to our customers by sea.
3. The transportation fees and other related fees are based on the price at different time.

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