1 player Big Punch boxing game machine

Product name 1 player Big Punch boxing game machine
Model CP-C052
Game Boxing punching game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 124*95*245CM
Weight 185KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 260W
Warranty One year

1 player Big Punch boxing game machine

How to play:

  1. After the coin is put in, the rake on the 1 player Big Punch boxing game machine will automatically bounce up. When the rake is stable and there is a sound of prompt, the punch will be effective. Otherwise, the punch will be invalid. A game can punch three times. If the punch is not given up within the prescribed time, the game will automatically enter the next punch test. The strength of each punch will be displayed on the score display board, and the accumulation of the same three punches will also be achieved. display

On the total score display board. If 3 punches accumulate and exceed the highest record points displayed on the platform at that time, a grand prize will be presented to you at this time. Scores on the display panel will also flicker, accompanied by cheers.


  1. When the harrow is stable and there is a reminder sound, it will not punch in the prescribed time (that is, after the digital display of the punch strength is 0), and it will be regarded as giving up the punch. The corresponding score card will show that the punch strength is 0, and automatically enter the record of the next punch competition.


  1. This 1 player Big Punch boxing game machinecan choose lottery ticket or Coke, and the owner can choose freely.


  1. The owner of the game record breaker can choose to send the guest one more time for free or not. The owner can choose freely.


  1. Concentrate all your efforts on striking the center of the rake, the machine will get the pounds and score (pointer and light synchronization). You will be surprised and happy. It is the best product of the current sports model. It can train players’accuracy and boxing strength. It will make you feel unprecedented challenge and sense of achievement.

Precautions for 1 player Big Punch boxing game machine

1, The power cord cannot be pressed by heavy objects, which will damage the cord and cause a short circuit, which may cause a fire in severe cases.

When unplugging the power cord from the socket, it should be pulled out by the plug, not the cord.

Do not pull out the plug directly with wet hands.

Do not forcefully stretch or twist the power cord, and do not expose the power cord near high-temperature objects.

The power cord cannot be easily kicked or touched.

To use the correct voltage and fuse (refer to technical data)


This machine is suitable for indoor use and is not allowed to be used outdoors.

Outdoor use will affect the performance of the machine.

2. Placement range size:

The machine should be placed according to the following dimensions. There is enough space for the air to circulate, and the heat dissipation effect of the machine will be better.

3. Do not use the machine in the following places:

1. It will cause the machine to produce condensed water or a condensed place with high temperature;

2. In places close to high temperature objects;

3. Places close to dangerous goods;

4. On smooth or unstable ground;

5. In the vicinity of equipment that is prone to sparks;

6. In places with severe vibration;

7. In dusty environment.

8. When handling, you must pay attention to:

(1). Before moving, you must turn off the power and unplug the power connection.

(2) If the casters cannot be rotated when moving, please replace the casters.

(3). Random artificial movement, overturning, transportation, etc. will damage the equipment and destroy the mechanical properties.

(4) Confirm that the manufacturer’s requirements must be met during the process of moving, turning, and transporting.

1 player Big Punch boxing game machine
1 player Big Punch boxing game machine
1 player Big Punch boxing game machine
1 player Big Punch boxing game machine
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