1 player bowling game

Product name 1 player bowling game
Model CP-C080
Game Bowling game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L222*W71*H74CM
Weight 200KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 200W
Warranty One year

1 player bowling game

Why choose the 1 player bowling game ?


1. Carnival lottery machines

2. The gameplay is novel, exciting and highly entertaining

3. The appearance design is beautiful and elegant, the patterns are bright and delicate, and the materials are exquisite

4. Using large-scale integrated circuits, built-in programs, stable and reliable working performance

5. Use imported lottery machines

6. Adapt to general type lottery

7. Imported coin acceptor is adopted, the diameter of coins can be adjusted from 20mm to 28mm, and the bottom is high, stable and reliable

8. The game program and revenue ratio are delicate and adjustable

How to play 1 player bowling game :

1. Players insert coins, and then the game starts;
2. Choose single-player or double-player;
3. Get corresponding rewards according to the game results.

1 player bowling game
1 player bowling game

When handling, you must pay attention to:

(1). Before moving, the power must be turned off and the power cord must be unplugged.
(2) If the casters cannot be rotated during moving, please replace the casters.
(3). Random artificial movement, turning, transportation, etc. will damage the equipment and destroy the mechanical performance.
(4). Confirm that the requirements of the manufacturer must be met during the process of moving, turning, and transporting.


Instructions for use and maintenance

1. The power must be turned off when maintaining and repairing the machine.
In order to avoid short circuit, relevant personnel should shut down the machine before touching the internal components of the machine.
Power supply, if the operation requires the power to be turned on, it must comply with the requirements of the operating instructions.

2. When replacing components, make sure to select the appropriate accessories. Using incorrect accessories will cause fire or electrical short circuit, damage the main board and no components.

3. Do not disassemble, assemble or modify the equipment at will.
Doing so may result in fire or electrical short circuit, mechanical failure, etc.

4. Confirm that the moving, flipping, and transportation must meet the requirements of the manufacturer. Random artificial movement, flipping, and transportation will damage the equipment and destroy the mechanical properties.

1 player bowling game
1 player bowling game

Power Wiring Method for 1 player bowling game :

The power cord cannot be pressed by heavy objects, which will damage the wire and cause a short circuit, which may cause a fire in severe cases.

1. When pulling out the power cord from the socket, you should grasp the plug and not the wire to pull out.

2. Do not pull out the plug directly with wet hands.

3. Do not stretch or twist the power cord forcefully, and do not expose the power cord to high temperature

4. The power cord cannot be easily kicked or touched by people.

5. To use the correct voltage and fuse (refer to technical parameters)


What is after-sales service?


1,When problem happen, our service team will help you to check what’s the reason exactly step by step, if that’s the software problem, we would remote and solve it with customers by Team Viewer, if that’s the spare parts problem, we will send the replaceable part to customers by DHL or other fast parcels and teach customers how to replace it. We’re offering 15 months super warranty, please check details below: 1, The warranty period is 12 months,PROMISE



2, During the warranty period, if parts are damaged and need to be repaired (artificial damages and easy-broken part are not included), customer no need to send back first and wait after repairing, instead, we will send the replaceable part to customer by DHL or other fast parcels, no need to wait and save time,FAST.

3, Both spare parts and parcel freight to customer side are free,BOTH FREE.

4, We provide maintenance for whole life!


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