1 player British Style claw Machine

British Style claw Machine



Model NO.:CP-L013


Power: 250W

Weight: 90KG

Player:1 Player

Material: wood, glass


British Style claw Machine



Company introduction

Guangzhou Colorful Park Animation Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing and sales company integrating video arcade, motion simulator games, ticket redemption games, coin pusher, prize redemption games, toys, crane claw machine children’s amusement facilities, etc. The factory has 5000 square meters and has passed ISO9001 certification. And has SGS Italy ISET, CE, certification.

Market prospect

1. High quality aluminum alloy, fireproof wood and tempered glass.

2. With colorful LED lights and wonderful music.

3. Coin operated, stable performance and easy to operate.

4. Attract more players and help you earn huge profits.

British Style claw Machine
British Style claw Machine

Product Details.

Product Name British Style claw Machine
Model CP-L013
Specification / Size (L*W*H) 89*90*220cm
Type Vending machine
Weight 80Kg
Color pink
Voltage 110V-220V
Packing method Air bubble + stretch film + carton / wooden frame / wooden box
Delivery time About 15 days after we receive your payment
Suitable for Home play, shopping malls, parent-child playground,
children’s playground, game city, playground

Playing method.

1. Insert the coin and shake the joystick to move the claw above the target position.
2. Press and hold the button, release the claw and grab the toy.
3. Press and hold the button, move the claw back to the mouth of the gift.
4. Release the button and get the toy.


1. Insert coins in the game machine.

2. Play the game to win more points.

3. Then the tickets will be used as your scroes to exit the ticket game machine.

4. Use the tickets to change the gifts you want.



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