1 player Crazy Skeeball

Product name 1 player Crazy Skeeball
Model CP-C050
Game Air hockey&Table game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L2265*W3020*G2766
Weight 170 KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 250W
Warranty One year

1 player Crazy Skeeball

How to play:

1. Players put in coins, and then the game starts;
2. Choose a single player game or a two player game;
3. Acoording to the results of the gare to get the corresponding reward.

Instructions for use and maintenance for the 1 player Crazy Skeeball:

1. Tumn off the power supply when maintaining and repairing the machine.In order to avoid short crcuit of the circuit, the relevant personnel should tum of the circuit before contacing theinternal devces ofthe machine

Power supply, if the operation requires power on, it must meet the requirerments of the operation manual.2. When replacing the components,make sure to choose the appropriate acoessories. The use of incorrect accessories wil lead to fre or electical short circuit, darage the rmotherboard and no cormponerts.3. Do not disassemnble, assemble or change the equipmment at will
This will lead to fire or electrical short circuit, mechanical feailure, etc.

4. Confirm that the moving, overturming and transportation should meet the manufacturer’s requirements. Theequipment and mmechanical performanoe wil be damaged if the equipment is moved, overtued and transported at will.

5. This Video game is suitable for indoor use, not outdoor use, outdoor use wil affeat the performance of the ma

6. Do not use the machine in the folowing places Water leakage or high temperature
Close to high temperature objects.
The place dose to dangerous goods.
Smooth or unstable place;
Close to the place where sparks are easily generated
The place with senous vibration:
A dusty environment

7. Do not place vases, cups, containers, etc. with water on the machine, or place chemicals and heavy objectsin the center of the machine. Splled liauid wil leed to electrical short crcuit damage devices, chemicals wil corrode the machine. falling obiects wil harn the huran body and damage the machine

8. Do not place objects at the exhaust port of the machine. If the exhaust port is blocked, the temperature of themachine wil rise. which will affect the norrmal operaion of the machine and even damage the cormponents.9. The powver cord should not be pressed by heavy objects, which wil dammage the wire and cause short circuitand fine.

10. When the power cord is pulled out from the socket, the plug should be grasped and pulled out, but not the
wire, which will damage the wire and cause short circuit and fire.

11. Do not pull out the plug directly with wet hands, otherwise it will cause electric shock and harm human

12. Do not stretch, twist or fold the power cord, and do not expose the power cord cose to high humidity ob.iects. The above practices will damage the wire and cause short circuit and fire.13. The power cord should not be easily kicked or touched, which will hurt the human body and damage themachine

1 player Crazy Skeeball
1 player Crazy Skeeball

Placing, fixing and moving for the 1 player Crazy Skeeball:

1. This coin operated game machine is suitable for indoor use, not for outdoor use;
Outdoor use will affect the performance of the machine

2.Size of pacement range
The machine should be placed in the following size, there is enough space for air circula
tion, the cooling effect of the machine will be better.

3.Do not use the machine in the follawing places

1. Condensing water or places with high terperature will be produced in the machine.

2.Close to high temperature obects

3.Close to dangerous goods;

4.In smooth or unstable places,

5. Near the equipment easy to produoe sparks,

6. In the place with serious vibration;

7In dusty environmment

4. Attention must be peid to when handling.

(1) . tumn alf the power and unplug the power cord before moving.

2)If the caster can’t rotate when mmoving, please replace it3) Random human movement, tumover, transportation will damage the equipment and
mechanical perfomance.

(4) Confirm to meet the manufacturer’s requirements in the process of moving, overturnng and transportation.

1 player Crazy Skeeball
1 player Crazy Skeeball
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