1 player Deluxe Dart Machine

Product name Deluxe Dart Machine
Model CP-C188
Game Dart game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 76cm*60cm*254cm
Weight 142.5KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220/110V
Power 100W
Warranty One year

1 player Deluxe Dart Machine

Advantages of  Deluxe Dart Machine?

1. Darts is a leisure sport that is very suitable for competition, communication and friendship enhancement. Whether it is a business activity, a gathering with friends, or a pastime on weekdays, darts is one of your best choices.

2. Electronic dart machine, fully functional and safe. The dart needle of the electronic dart machine is made of nylon, which is relatively soft and less dangerous; and the dart board of the dart machine is an electronic target made of plastic, which can realize automatic counting, scoring and result display and remote connection functions.

3. Electronic dart machines are popular in gathering places. Electronic dart machines have become the “new favorite” of people’s leisure and entertainment. Dart machines can be seen everywhere in bars, video game malls, cinemas, billiard rooms and other entertainment venues, and organizing dart events is a magic weapon for gathering popularity in various places!

4. Electronic dart machine makes it easier for you to make money. Unattended operation can be implemented, and some exquisite small prizes can be used to stimulate players’ consumption, and the effect is better. The popular electronic dart machine makes it easier for you to make money

1 player Deluxe Dart Machine
1 player Deluxe Dart Machine

Precautions for Deluxe Dart Machine:

1. Please pay attention to the following items for the power cord of this product: do not damage, heat or process it, do not cut it, do not extend it, do not bend it, do not hang heavy objects, otherwise it may cause electric shock and short circuit accident.

2. The power plug of this product must be completely inserted into the socket, otherwise it may cause an electric shock accident.

3. Please do not use other power sources above AC power (100-240V), and avoid using this product when the power supply voltage is unstable.

4. This product is for indoor use only. Please carry it vertically when moving, handle it with care, and place it on a flat ground.

5. Please do not use it in a humid environment, and avoid letting this product get wet, otherwise it may cause an electric shock accident.

6. Please do not disassemble, modify or repair this product and its accessories by yourself, otherwise it may cause accidents such as fire, failure or deformation.

7. Please do not hit the screen or place heavy objects, otherwise it may cause malfunction or deformation.

8. Please do not operate beyond the scope specified in the manual. If there is any abnormality in the product, please cut off the power immediately and unplug the power plug.

How to play Deluxe Dart Machine

1. Insert coins to start the game;
2. Shoot the dart board with the dart;
3. The closer the shot is to the midpoint, the higher the score!
4. Easy to play, exciting game experience, perfect appearance design, more attractive to players!

1 player Deluxe Dart Machine
1 player Deluxe Dart Machine

 What’s the guarantee?

When problem happen, our service team will help you to check what’s the reason exactly step by step, if that’s the software problem, we would remote and solve it with customers by Team Viewer, if that’s the spare parts problem, we will send the replaceable part to customers by DHL or other fast parcels and teach customers how to replace it.

We’re offering 12 months super warranty, please check details below:

1, The warranty period is 12 months,PROMISE.
2, During the warranty period, if parts are damaged and need to be repaired (artificial damages and easy-broken part are not included), customer no need to send back first and wait after repairing, instead, we will send the replaceable part to customer by DHL or other fast parcels, no need to wait and save time,FAST.
3, Both spare parts and parcel freight to customer side are free,BOTH FREE.
4, We provide maintenance for whole life!

What’s minimum order quantity and how long could ship ?

The minimum order quantity is 1pcs, and as normal, we will finish the goods in 15 days after receiving deposit.

Do need any installation when receive macine ?

We assemble all well before delivery, no need any installation, that mean when customer receive the goods, just follow our attached user manual, which plug the power and open all computers, then can play.

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