1 player large king of hammer

Product name 1 player large king of hammer
Model CP-C069
Game King of hammer game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L92.3*W*99.6*H320cm
Weight 200 KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 250W
Warranty One year

1 player large king of hammer


How to play?

Players must complete 3 chances of hammering within a limited time after the coin is put in. The stronger the hammering, the higher the running light, the higher the score. The player with the highest cumulative score three times is the winner, and the machine has a memory. system, each time the game is over, the machine will refresh the system and display the highest score on the machine.

1 player large king of hammer

Precautions for the 1 player large king of hammer?

1. The working voltage of the game machine should be within the range of 220V±10V. If it is too low, it will affect the visual effect. If it is too high, it will easily damage the power box, scanning board, and transformer of the game machine, which will seriously damage the computer board.

2. The working environment of the 1 player large king of hammer should be well ventilated and free of moisture. And regularly remove the dust in the machine. If the air humidity is too low, it will cause the parts to corrode, and the electronic components of the computer board will be partially short-circuited and burned out.

3. It should also be ensured that there are no rats entering the game machine room. The urine of rats will cause the electronic components to be short-circuited and scrapped.

4. The 1 player large king of hammer should be placed stably to avoid shaking and vibration, so as to prevent metal parts or tokens from falling on the electronic components and short-circuiting to burn the parts.

5. The game machine should avoid high voltage, strong magnetic interference, electronic ignition movement and other high voltage interference damage, which will cause the computer board to run out of control, and seriously damage the computer board. The owner should strengthen supervision of players.

6. The placement of the computer board: Generally, it is better to hang it. Avoid contact with the metal parts and screws in the machine. Avoid using anti-static film and anti-static foam to isolate the computer board to avoid short-circuiting and burning the board.

7. Regularly measure the voltage between the first and third pins of the blue socket of the game console computer board, and ensure that it is within the range of 4.8V ~ 5.3V. Voltage fluctuations due to changes in potentiometer or component parameters should be measured regularly and corrected by adjusting the +5V knob on the power supply box. Too low will freeze the board, too high will burn the board.

8. Scanning board adjustment: In order to maintain a good visual effect, the scanning board calibration should be adjusted frequently. Please refer to the scanning board Kun knob diagram for details.

9. Picture tube maintenance: too high brightness will shorten the life of the picture tube, the brightness should be adjusted to moderate, humidity will cause the picture tube to ignite under high pressure and burn out the scanning board or computer board, and the color of the picture tube is not pure, use a degaussing device.

What is after-sales service?


1,When problem happen, our service team will help you to check what’s the reason exactly step by step, if that’s the software problem, we would remote and solve it with customers by Team Viewer, if that’s the spare parts problem, we will send the replaceable part to customers by DHL or other fast parcels and teach customers how to replace it. We’re offering 15 months super warranty, please check details below: 1, The warranty period is 12 months,PROMISE.

2, During the warranty period, if parts are damaged and need to be repaired (artificial damages and easy-broken part are not included), customer no need to send back first and wait after repairing, instead, we will send the replaceable part to customer by DHL or other fast parcels, no need to wait and save time,FAST.

3, Both spare parts and parcel freight to customer side are free,BOTH FREE.

4, We provide maintenance for whole life!


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