1 player Luxury hammer boxing

Product name 1 player Luxury hammer boxing
Model CP-L50-1
Game Boxing /hammer game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L138*W97*H230cm
Weight 160KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 250W
Warranty One year

1 player Luxury hammer boxing


What is hammer game machine?

This game is a percussion game machine. The gameplay elements are derived from the Western Hercules Contest. Players must complete 3 chances of hammering within a limited time after putting in coins. The higher the run, the higher the score. The one with the highest accumulated score three times is the winner. The machine has a memory system. After each game, the machine will refresh the system and display the highest score on the machine.

How to play 1 player Luxury hammer boxing:

1. After the player puts in the tokens, he uses a sledgehammer to hit the target. The stronger the hit, the more points.
2. There are two rounds in each round.

1 player Luxury hammer boxing
1 player Luxury hammer boxing

Troubleshooting and solutions for 1 player Luxury hammer boxing:

A. The machine does not run after power on.

1. Check whether the fuse of the AC input is good.

B. The hammer target cannot be raised after the coin is inserted.

1. Check if the electromagnet is normal.

2. Check whether the hammer target is stuck.

C. There is no sound after the hammer target is raised.

1. Check whether the electric eye is in good condition.

Check that the hardware is in place.


parameter settings:

In the standby state, press the “OK” key to enter the setting menu, then press the “OK” key to turn over the items, and press the “plus” or “minus” key to adjust the parameters of the selected item. The second inning fractional nixie tube represents the adjustment parameter. After adjustment, shut down and restart to save all adjustment items.
Item 1: Play with a few coins (you can set a few coins to play once, 0 to 9, 0 is the free game mode)
Item 2: Lottery Ratio (10-99)
Item 3: Game Difficulty (The bigger the number 1-5, the harder it is)
Item 4: Total Coins
Item 5: Total Billing


1. This machine is only suitable for use in indoor environment.

2. The machine should not be placed in an inclined position, which may cause accidents.

3. Do not use the machine in the following places:

 In a dusty environment;

 In a place where the room temperature is too high or where the air is not ventilated;

 The machine will produce condensation or condensation with high humidity;

 In a place close to high temperature objects ;

 Near dangerous goods;

 In places with strong electromagnetic interference;

 Near devices that are prone to sparks;

 In places with unstable or low voltage;

 In places with severe vibration;

4. The machine is normal The machine must be fully assembled and secured in accordance with the assembly instructions before opening for business.

5. Turn off the power and unplug the power cord before moving.

After sale for the Boxing game machine

When problem happen, our service team will help you to check what’s the reason exactly step by step, if that’s the software problem, we would remote and solve it with customers by Team Viewer, if that’s the spare parts problem, we will send the replaceable part to customers by DHL or other fast parcels and teach customers how to replace it. We’re offering 15 months super warranty, please check details below: 1, The warranty period is 12 months,PROMISE.

2, During the warranty period, if parts are damaged and need to be repaired (artificial damages and easy-broken part are not included), customer no need to send back first and wait after repairing, instead, we will send the replaceable part to customer by DHL or other fast parcels, no need to wait and save time,FAST.

3, Both spare parts and parcel freight to customer side are free,BOTH FREE.

4, We provide maintenance for whole life!

1 player Luxury hammer boxing
1 player Luxury hammer boxing
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