1 Player Mini bowling game

Product name 1 Player Mini bowling game
Model CP-C029
Game Bowling game machine&Sport game
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L210*W120*H170cm
Weight 100 KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 180W
Warranty One year

1 Player Mini bowling game

Why choose the 1 Player Mini bowling game?

1. Carnival lottery machines
2. The gameplay is novel, exciting, and very entertaining
3. The appearance design is beautiful and generous, the patterns are bright and delicate, and the materials are exquisite
4. Using large-scale integrated circuits, built-in programs, stable and reliable performance
5. Use imported lottery machines
6. Adapt to common types of lottery tickets
7. Adopt imported coin-operated device, the diameter of coin volume can be adjusted from 20mm to 28mm, and the precision bottom is high, stable and reliable.
8. The game program and revenue ratio can be finely adjusted

1 Player Mini bowling game

How to play 1 Player Mini bowling game?

1. The player inserts coins, and the game starts;
2. Choose single player or double battle;
3. Obtain corresponding rewards according to the game results.

Instructions for use and maintenance

1. The power must be turned off when the machine is being maintained or repaired.
In order to avoid short circuit, the relevant personnel must turn off the machine before touching the internal devices of the machine.

Power supply, if this operation requires power supply, it must comply with the requirements of the operating instructions.

2. When replacing the device, make sure to choose the appropriate accessories. Using the incorrect accessories will cause fire or electrical short circuit, damage the main board and no devices.

3. Do not disassemble, assemble or modify the equipment at will.
This can lead to fire or electrical short circuit, mechanical failure, etc.

4. Make sure that the moving, flipping, transportation, etc. must meet the manufacturer’s requirements. Random artificial movement, flipping, transportation, etc. will damage the equipment and damage the mechanical properties.

5. This machine is suitable for indoor use, not for outdoor use, which will affect the performance of the machine.

6. Do not use the machine in the following places;
★Where there is water leakage or high temperature.
★ Places close to high temperature objects.
★ Places close to dangerous goods;
★Smooth or unstable places;
★Close to places prone to sparks;
★Severe vibrations;
★ Dusty environment.

7. Do not place vases, cups, containers, etc. filled with water on the machine, and do not place chemicals and heavy objects in the center of the machine. Spilled liquids can cause electrical short-circuits to damage devices, chemicals can corrode the machines, and falling objects can damage the human body and damage the machine.

8. Do not place objects at the exhaust port of the machine. Blocking the exhaust port will cause the temperature of the machine to rise, affecting the normal operation of the machine and even damaging the device.

9. The power cord cannot be crushed by heavy objects, which can damage the cord and cause short circuits and fires.

10. When unplugging the power cord from the socket, grasp the plug and pull it out, not the cord, as this will damage the cord and cause a short circuit and fire.

11. Do not pull out the plug directly with wet hands, otherwise it will cause electric shock and harm the human body.

12. Do not forcefully stretch, twist, or fold the power cord, and do not expose the power cord to high-humidity objects. The above methods will damage the cord and cause short circuits and fires.

13. The power cord cannot be easily kicked or touched, which will hurt the human body and damage the machine

14. To use the correct voltage and fuse (see technical parameters), using other standard voltage will cause short circuit and fire, using inappropriate fuse will damage the machine and cause fire.

15. Can not arbitrarily fault such as fire or operation out of control.

1 Player Mini bowling game

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