1 player PP tiger claw machine

PP tiger claw machine

Power: 110W
Weight: 100KG
Player:1 Player
Material: Blister, wood, glass

PP tiger claw machine

PP tiger claw machine Specification parameters.
Player:1 person
Material. Blister, wood, glass


PP tiger claw machine Product details.

01, original LCD motherboard, intelligent processor, card coin anti-shake prompt master control room.

02, Taiwan high-speed overhead crane, copper gears durable and wear-resistant, the outer metal wrapped.

03, crystal rocker, LCD display. Display real-time remaining times, time and minutes. Adjust the background, clear and concise.

04, anti-shaking system to prevent customers from shaking the machine to get gifts, shaking alarm.

05, claws made of aluminum alloy, finely crafted, durable, adjustable strength.

06, original coin acceptor, quality assurance, anti-fishing, no coin eating, no coin jamming.

PP tiger claw machine
PP tiger claw machine
PP tiger claw machine Play description.


1. Put in coins

2. Choose the toy you like and use the joystick on the left hand side to control the paws left, right, front and
Backward movement

3. Move the claw to the top of the toy you like, press the button on the right hand side, the claw will do
The claw will grab the toy.

4. After the claw has grabbed the prize, use the left-hand joystick to control the direction again to move to the gift mouth, when the gift reaches the top of the gift mouth, press the right-hand button, the gift will fall

5. Open the gift port to collect the gift

The machine can be set according to your wishes the chance of winning and the amount of the game, can accept the sticker pattern logo customization (please contact us for details)



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