1 player Scissors machine

Scissors machine


Power: 100W

Weight: 150KG

Player:1 Player

Material: Metal, glass



Scissors machine

Scissors machine Product description


Coin-operated claw game machine is popular in game centers, amusement parks, shopping malls, indoor playgrounds and family entertainment centers. It is easy to manage due to the coin operated system. The key game machine is self-developed with stable performance, stickers and programs, which can be specially made for customers. The bonus payout rate of each partition is adjustable.

Scissors machine
Scissors machine

1. Classic drive design, reasonable precision

2. Laser cutting stainless steel door hook, thick cabinet, making the machine more secure

3. Aluminum hook guide, joystick and button, quality assurance

4. Allow coin acceptor and ticket acceptor

5. Colorful lights, easily attract more players


How to play.

1. Insert the coin and press the button to start the game

2. Use the joystick to control the scissors to reach the top of your favorite gift

3. Press the button again, then the cut will automatically lower and grab the gift and move it to the gift exit.

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