1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car

Model NO.:CP-S010-1


Power: 5000W

Weight: 400KG

Player:2 Player


1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car Product Paramenters

Product Name 1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car
Player 1
Games 1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car
Playing Time 5-10mins
Voltage 110-240V | 550W
List of Goods 1X whole racing platform
3X32 or 42 inch
Computer Configuration CPU: i5-7400-Intel
Graphic card:1660 – GALAX
1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car Specifications:

Model NO.:EP-VR038; Product Size:L230*W250*H220CM; Power: 7000W; Weight:300KG;

Game:11 pcs; Glasses:Deepoon 3C; Display size: 42-inch TV; Movies time:Self setting; Venue size:5.8m²


1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car Features
Multi-machine can be connected to the game
The six-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform perfectly simulates the acceleration, collision, tilt, etc. of the car
43-inch high-definition tempered explosion-proof immersive three-screen surround display
Independent research and development of integrated circuits and analog control systems
Adapt to a variety of mainstream racing games, can be customized development, support VR helmets
Low noise electric cylinder, industrial quality, durable, lifetime maintenance
High-strength material to ensure load-bearing and stability.Complete with three 32-inch HD screens brings you realistic and hyper driving views.
High definition which perfectly matched up with 1980×1080 picture and fluency graphic effect perfectly brings the formula 1 racing to real life away from track.
Servo Motor and Cylinder:
We keep improving the core of machine – awesome performance electric servo motor attached in cylinders. Servo motor enhances the speed and accuracy of the movements.7500Watt powerful motor supports multiple vibrations integrated to new top perform.
Glass fiber reinforced steel car body:
Formula-style bodies and actual vehicles, sleek designed glass fiber reinforced steel throughout the surface and alloy wheel strengthen car body, this 1:1 full size formula 1 car replica houses a custom racing simulator. We can customize your own brand stickers and adjustable brake or accelerator on luxury and modern housing.
Real Leather Steering wheel:
A F1-type quick-release steering wheel with force feedback . Real leather material increases the force of friction on your palm which makes you grab the steering wheel more tighten. Not only best sense of touch, but also finest sync of movement to the game.


What is 1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car Simulator Game Machine?

3 Screen 3DOF Racing Car Simulator = 3 HD folding screen+ +3DOF dynamic motion platform+ Immersive Racing Games

The three 42-inch HD screens brings you realistic and hyper driving views.High definition which perfectly matched up with 980×1080
picture and fluency graphic effect perfectly brings the formula 1 racing to real life away from track.

Racing car machine uses international leading motion control technology and uses the six-degree-of-freedom dynamic platform of the
electric cylinder to truly integrate with the game. It can complete high-difficult thrilling movements such as dive, climb, tilt,
turn, spin, fall, bump, etc., giving users a super-real experience from motion, driving control, audio and video, and simulation.

Mobile car (4)

1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car Packaging & Shipping
Bubble pack + wellpaper + stretch films + wood frame.


1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car FAQ

Question 1: We are planning to invest a new game city, but we did not have such experience before. How should we do?
Answer 1: (from Chuangyu’s general manager):Once our customers’site has been selected, Chuangyu company will make out the planning flow for our customers. We will carry out a series of investigation and analysis of customers’ market. Then, we will bring out a suitable investment and planning program for them, and help them solve the difficulties before operation.

Question 2: We are worried about your quality and after-sales service.
Answer 2 (from after-sales department):
1.Colorful park  company offers our professional technical solutions to our customers, including photos,videos and files.
2.we support three parties (customer, after~sales service staff and technician) online communication. And the technician helps customers solve their problems by operating the real game machines.
3.Colorful park company arrange technicians to customers’ sites to help them solve problems.

Question 3: How about the delivery time, transportation, and related fees?
Answer 3 (from foreign salesman):
1, we can ship your game machines to you in 7-15 days after we receive our customers’deposit.
2. Generally, we ship our game machines to our customers by sea.
3. The transportation fees and other related fees are based on the price at different time.

About Colorful park 1-player Three-screen racing Mobile car

Colorful park Animation Technology Co.,Ltd has been specialized in manufacturing exported

game machines in China. We insist on the principle of “Customer is God, Your requirement is our motive drive”.

Chuangyu is an integrated company with the R&D, production, sale and marketing management of entertainment equipment. We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that all of our products must undergo a strict inspection before loading.

Our missions: professional skills, high quality products, the best after-sales services, competitive prices and the fastest delivery.


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