1 player TT moto

1 player TT moto racing arcade popular machine suit for game park 

1 player TT motoTT moto  Game machine introduction:

1. “1 player TT moto Full Dynamic HL Edition” is a racing game machine that is very popular among teenagers. There are various types of motorcycles, and it is a multi-element entertainment game. The game simulates the real racing scene and exercises personal driving skills;

2. “Flame Motorcycle Full Motion HL Version” uses a high-definition LCD screen with a resolution of 768*1280, and the picture is clear. The game mode is divided into single-player mode and multiplayer mode. In addition, the game has set up eight characters, cars, characters, and six self-designed tracks. Players can freely choose according to their own preferences. During the game, the player can boost the speed by boosting the speed with nitrogen gas by prompting the tips.

3. “Flame Motorcycle Full Dynamic HL Edition” racing game consoles are sold to customers who have legal rights to operate animation and entertainment.


How to use 1 player TT moto Instructions?


1. Connect the 220V power plug of the machine, turn on the power switch, and make the machine run normally.

2. Power on the 1 player TT moto machine for about 3 minutes to enter the game demo screen.

3. In the game demonstration screen, insert coins from the coin slot of the machine.

4. Press the start button to enter the game, select the game mode and press the start button to enter the game.

1 player TT moto

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