1-player VR self-skating grass

1-player VR self-skating grass

Model NO.:CP-S015-1


Power: 1600W

Weight: 100KG

Player:1 Player

1-player VR self-skating grass details as below


Transportation Expenses:

1. All shipments freight is in conformity with the real-time quotation which is shown on alibaba.com.
2. Goods could be shipped by sea. Please contact us online for checkout directly.

1. Alipay, T/T, Paypal are acceptable, and other payment methods are also available in alibaba secure payment service.
2. Payment must be made within 3 days after order confirmation.


The development of VR games

As far as the development of the game itself is concerned, from the earliest text MUD games to 2D games to 3D games, with the advancement of graphics and technology, the game’s immersiveness and sense of substitution are getting stronger and stronger. However, due to Technical limitations and other aspects, it is still impossible for players to get out of the feeling of being out of the game during the game. So, how can players experience the game world more deeply and intuitively?


Game developers are stuck thinking, and the advent of virtual reality technology seems to have brought them the light of day, which not only makes games more realistic, but also more immersive for players. Therefore, despite facing many technical difficulties, virtual reality technology has still been valued and applied in the highly competitive game market, and it has also spawned the emergence of virtual reality equipment specially designed for games.
Prior to this, the concept of virtual reality existed as early as the 1960s,


but it was not applied to game technology until modern hardware equipment was sufficient to support it, the first practical model was first proposed by shenx, then it was completed by the later Oculus developers, shenx, the famous Pac-Man developer Toru Iwatani and others [2], and finally ushered in the explosive development of vr games in 2016.


The meaning of vr game

Virtual reality is not only a technology, but also builds a new picture of future games. It gives gamers a more immersive sense of being on the scene, making the game truly move from plane to three-dimensional. Once this technology develops and matures, the game industry will be completely changed. Video games that were originally in two-dimensional space will be completely abandoned, and game modes that rely solely on keyboard or handle operation will become a thing of the past forever. Orientation game experience. By then, 3D games will also become mainstream, bringing players a real experience as if they were in a different dimension.


After-Sale Service

One year hardware warranty , and lifetime of technical support and game update ; * Within 4 hours Response time guarantee . * More than 200 countries technical support, cinema installation, technical guidance; * Skype/Whatsapp/wechat/QQ anytime and anywhere to solve problems ; * Professional advice of cinema maintenance * Provide professional technical guidance by English


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Question 1: We are planning to invest a new game city, but we did not have such experience before. How should we do?
Answer 1: (from colorful park’s general manager):
Once our customers’ site has been selected, colorful park company will make out the planning flow for our customers. We will carry out a series of investigation and analysis of customers’ market. Then, we will bring out a suitable investment and planning program for them, and help them solve the difficulties before operation.


Question 2: We are worried about your quality and after-sales service.
Answer 2 (from after-sales department):
1. colorful park company offers our professional technical solutions to our customers, including photos, videos and files.
2. We support three parties (customer, after~sales service staff and technician) online communication. And the technician helps customers solve their problems by operating the real game machines.
3.Colorful park company arrange technicians to customers’ sites to help them solve problems.


Question 3: How about the delivery time, transportation, and related fees?
Answer 3 (from foreign salesman):
1, we can ship your game machines to you in 7-15 days after we receive our customers’ deposit.
2. Generally, we ship our game machines to our customers by sea.
3. The transportation fees and other related fees are based on the price at different times.

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