1 player X8 dart machine

Product name 1 player X8 dart machine
Model CP-C181
Game Arcade dart machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 220cm*62cm*58cm
Weight 85KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 100W
Warranty One year

1 player X8 dart machine


1 player X8 dart machine
1 player X8 dart machine

Why choose the 1 player X8 dart machine?


1. To shorten the distance between people, start with playing darts.

Darts is a leisure sport that is very suitable for competition, communication and strengthening friendship. Whether it is a business event, a gathering among friends, or a pastime on weekdays, darts is one of your best choices.


2. The electronic dart machine is fully functional and safe.

The dart needle of the electronic soft dart machine is made of nylon, which is relatively soft and less dangerous; and the dart board of the dart machine is an electronic target made of plastic, which can realize automatic counting, scoring, result display and remote connection, etc. Function.


3. Electronic dart machine, a sharp tool to gather popularity in places.

In China, electronic dart machines have become the “new favorite” for people’s leisure and entertainment. In bars, video game centers, cinemas, billiard rooms and other entertainment places, dart machines can be seen everywhere, and organizing dart games is a magic weapon to gather popularity in various places!


4. Electronic dart machine, multimedia advertising platform

The soft electronic dart machine is equipped with two small screens, which can be used as a multimedia advertising platform to play advertisements during standby, such as wine advertisements, venue promotional videos, etc. Different advertisements are introduced according to different places where the dart machine is placed, so that players are willing to accept it.


5. Electronic dart machine makes it easier for you to make money

Unattended operation can be implemented, and some exquisite small prizes can be used to stimulate players’ consumption, and the effect is better. The popular electronic dart machine makes it easier for you to make money.


1. This machine is only suitable for indoor use.

2. The machine cannot be placed in an inclined position, as it may cause accidents easily.

3. Do not use this machine in the following places:

 In a dusty environment;

 In places where the room temperature is too high or the air is not ventilated;

 Condensation places where the machine will produce condensation or high humidity;

 In places close to hot objects;

 Close to dangerous objects;

 In places with strong electromagnetic interference;

 Near equipment prone to sparks;

 In places where the voltage is unstable or too low;

 In places with severe vibration;

4. Before the normal operation of the machine, the machine must be fully assembled and fixed according to the assembly instructions.

5. Before moving, the power must be turned off and the power cord must be unplugged.

6. If the casters cannot be moved when moving, please confirm whether the bottom surface is flat.

7. Random human movement, turning, transportation, etc. will damage the equipment and destroy the performance of the machine.

8. Confirm that the requirements of the manufacturer must be met during the process of moving, turning, and transporting.

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arcade dart machine

1 player X8 dart machine
1 player X8 dart machine

1. Voltage is different in our country. What do we do?
No worry. We can make it 110V,220V,380V to meet different countres’ standard.

2. How long will your products last?
All machines are built with brand new high quality components. So the machines are all in long life-span over years, and less fault problem. Customers can get payback soon and make profits for many years.

3. Do you offer English manual? Can you help with installation?
Yes English manual for you. And our technicians will guide you online patiently. It’s not difficult. Please do not worry.

4. Do you offer after service, even in our country?
Yes this is an important support. We guarantee 1year warranty + lifetime technical support. Our technicians can also come to you in person if you need technical help, as long as their expenses are covered.

5. We want different games. Can you do that for me?
We have 12years experience in game industry. We are very glad to help our buyers to buy whatever machines they like. It is very easy for us. Service is for free.

6. Do you offer site design services?
Yes dear, we have very professional design team. Our designers can make the layout and 3D plan according to your idea and our professional advice. No extra charge. Tell us your plan and site details, CAD drawing is better. Different site has different size, normally one design in 1-7days.

7. Do your company have the certifications that are required for use in our country?
Our Company is CE certified and SGS audited. If you require any additional qualifications, do tell our sales team, and we will help to get them.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our staff


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