1Larva soft play

Product name 1Larva soft play
Model CP-S096
Game Soft play
Spec/Size(L*W*H) 813㎡(customizable)
Colorful As picture/customizable
Voltage 220/110V
Warranty One year

1Larva soft play

Why choose the 1Larva soft play ?

The design of this case combines hilarious bug IP characters to match them into the park, and uses equipment to restore the scenes in the IP animation. In terms of color, the color of the IP character is adopted, with red, yellow, and orange as the main colors, and other colors are used as color blocks for embellishment; the gameplay is equipped with building block building areas, bug drilling holes, rainbow trees, bug rolling games, and big ball pools. Guns, shelf expansion and other recreational items. Use the IP image to create animation scenes in the venue, adding a strong play atmosphere to the park.

How to play 1Larva soft play  naughty castle?

Drilling holes mainly allows children to have a comprehensive exercise in physical fitness and develop their body movements.

Ocean ball pool can learn colors, points, grouping, counting, throwing, slapping sports, tidying up, discipline, habits, etc.

The trampoline exercises his leg muscles and improves his body coordination.

The balance table builds body balance.

Children’s limbs and body coordination can be continuously and completely exercised on the slide.

The single-plank bridge builds body balance ability, improves body coordination, and exercises children’s courage.

Swinging bridge builds body balance ability and improves body coordination. Exercise children’s courage.

Gliding in the air exercises physical fitness and inspires children’s courage to overcome difficulties.

Combination of the croissant position and both sides promotes a high degree of movement planning.

The massage ball tests children’s vestibular balance ability and sense of gravity.

Coconut tree: Children climb and sit in a safe parallel rotation through the coordinated and stable cooperation of the upper and lower limbs to form a new balance experience and promote the improvement of sensory integration ability.

Water roller: Children control a floating ball on the water with smart and agile movements, which can exercise children’s limb coordination.

Water slide: Dynamic elements are added to the traditional concept of slides to make it a new look in terms of use and vision. When children enjoy the happy moment of sliding up and down, the sound of gurgling water makes them more enjoyable.

Climbing Pavilion: Children keep climbing up on the swaying slide bar, and press the button when they climb to the top, indicating that the adventure is successful. This can not only exercise children’s adventurous and tenacious spirit, but also let them experience the completion of tasks sense of accomplishment afterwards.

Happy Octopus: Children use hanging and climbing methods to maintain body balance during equal rotation, and promote the development of children’s waist, back, abdomen and limbs endurance.

Water bed: Children perceive the smooth, soft and unstable characteristics of the water bed, face challenges in a natural state, and accumulate autonomous experience of controlling and moving the body.

Treasure boat: Children can form a benign stimulus on the boat that swings up and down, which can enrich the proprioception experience of young children and promote the healthy development of the nervous system.

Small turntable: Children rotate at a slow speed, and the handrails on the high platform can create for them to actively maintain body balance and develop coordination ability in sports.

Balloon House: Combining the scientific principle of air convection with colorful and lightweight special balloons, when children step into this space, they seem to enter a dream world.

Inflatable jumping bed: Combining traditional inflatable jumping, climbing slides and other items, increasing the use of the scientific principle of airflow internal circulation to make the balloons rotate continuously, allowing children to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness in space.

Space-time travel: Through vertical rotation, children can enhance the development and maturity of the nervous system. In the rotating game challenges, they can accumulate experience and develop self-confidence and adaptability.

Swing climbing frame: Children can climb up and down freely on a swaying climbing frame. The purpose is to increase children’s endurance and physique, and exercise balance and coordination.

All kinds of amusement projects have positive significance for the growth of children.

project instruction

The naughty castle is designed according to the characteristics of children.

Through scientific three-dimensional combination, it forms a new generation of children’s activity center integrating amusement, sports, intelligence and fitness. It puts children in a thrilling, safe and secure play environment.

This facility is conducive to children to give full play to their vitality and imagination.

While having fun, their bodies can be tempered with aerobic endurance; it is conducive to satisfying children’s psychological requirements such as being competitive, unwilling to be outdone, and adventurous, making children healthier Growing up happily and intelligently; at the same time, it is conducive to cultivating children’s brave, tenacious and tenacious personality,

exercising speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, brain and intelligence.

kiddie game machine

naughty castle

1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
1Larva soft play
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