2 player Dance rush Stardom

Product name 2 player Dance rush Stardom
Model CP-C047
Game Dance game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L270*W245*H250cm
Weight 370KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 400W
Warranty One year

2 player Dance rush Stardom

How to play the  2 player Dance rush Stardom?

The game is operated by the player stepping on the ground sensor panel with both feet, following the rhythm of the music, grasping the coincidence timing of the notes on the game screen and the bottom line, and making corresponding foot movements. The note marks are divided into left and right feet, orange notes Logo “L” (left foot), blue note logo “R” (right foot), different note patterns and trends represent different foot movements, including direct stepping, sliding, squatting, jumping and other actions.

Why choose the 2 player Dance rush Stardom?

The game supports single-player and two-player play modes, and two-player multiplayer online play modes;

Players can choose and set different levels of difficulty according to their familiarity.

The songs in the game are divided into different levels of difficulty, including easy, medium, and difficult.

Players can choose songs according to difficulty, or they can directly select songs and then set the difficulty.

During the game, players can also slow down or speed up appropriately according to the level of mastery.

Professional players can continue to challenge difficult dance music, and at the same time, in addition to the flexible dancing of their feet, they can also play and create with their hands and body.

The game has a “tutorial” module. Beginner players can practice the game dance steps through the tutorial to improve the player’s hands-on rate of playing the game.

Precautions for the 2 player Dance rush Stardom?

1. This machine is only suitable for indoor use.

2. The machine cannot be placed in an inclined position, as it may cause accidents easily.

3. Do not use this machine in the following places:

 In a dusty environment;

 In places where the room temperature is too high or the air is not ventilated;

 Condensation places where the machine will produce condensation or high humidity;

 In places close to hot objects;

 Close to dangerous objects;

 In places with strong electromagnetic interference;

 Near equipment prone to sparks;

 In places where the voltage is unstable or too low;

 In places with severe vibration;

4. Before the normal operation of the machine, the machine must be fully assembled and fixed according to the assembly instructions.

5. Before moving, the power must be turned off and the power cord must be unplugged.

6. If the casters cannot be moved when moving, please confirm whether the bottom surface is flat.

7. Random human movement, turning, transportation, etc. will damage the equipment and destroy the performance of the machine.

8. Confirm that the requirements of the manufacturer must be met during the process of moving, turning, and transporting.

2 player Dance rush Stardom
2 player Dance rush Stardom

dance revolution

Placing, fixing and moving for the  coin operated game machine?

1. This machine is suitable for indoor use, not for outdoor use;Outdoor use will affect the perforance of the machine

2. Size of placement range:

The machine should be placed in the following size, there is enough space for air circula-tion, the cooling effect of the machine will be better.
3. Do not use the machine in the following places,

. Condensing water or places with high temperature will be produced in the machine:

2. Close to high temperature objects

3.Close to dangerous goods;

4In smooth or unstable places:

5.Near the equipment easy to produce sparks

6. In the place with serious vibration;

7.In dusty environment

4. Attention must be paid to when handling:

(1) . turn off the power and unplug the power cord before moving

(2) lf the caster can’t rotate when moving, please replace it.(3) Random human movement, turnover, transportation will damage the equipment andmechanical performance.

(4) Confirm to meet the manufacturer’s requirements in the process of moving, overtum-ina and transportation.


2 player Dance rush Stardom
2 player Dance rush Stardom
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