2-player HTC VR Games

2-player HTC VR Games

2-player HTC VR Games
2-player HTC VR Games

Model No.:CP-S001-1

Size:320*340*240 cm


Weight: 190KG

Player:1 player

2-player HTC VR Games details as below


Essential details Product name:
Occasion 2-player HTC VR Games
indoor commercial amusement park, sports park, adventure park, shopping mall, resort hotel, airport, camping area, city park, educational play area, training center, commercial Size:
Place of Origin: 3.0*3.8*2.5m
Guangdong, China Occupied area:
Brand Name: L3.2*W4m
colorful park Color:
Model Number: Black
1.027 Certificate:
VR Park, Indoor Weight:
Material: 300KG
Steel, Acrylic VR glasses:
Allowable Passenger: HTC
1 Content:
Inflatable: 50pcs
NO Power:
Max Capacity: 1000W
100-500kg MOQ:


2-player HTC VR Games Packaging & delivery
Packaging Details
Safe Package: Wooden Carton box as customers’ need.
International Standard, no need fumigation.


vr machine Product Description


We are the source of VR Simulator Machines

We supply all kind of VR to different suppliers & customers

*Fast Revenue
*Customized your logo & your brand
*Self-developed system
*Support OEM&ODM

*Support one-stop VR theme park solution

*Free 3D Design, operation guidance, operation training, equipment installation, lifetime technical support…..

HTC Space Walking is a VR equipment, with cool appearance, ourselves system, and high quality HTC VIVE Glasses. Wear on the glasses, and you enjoy with 32 different games: such as skiing, boxing, sport, shooting game…..


2-player HTC VR Games as function


The number of games is not less than 288. Computer

configuration: I5CPU, ASUS motherboard

, 8G Kingston memory, 240G Kingston solid state drive,

GTX1060 3G graphics card, Huntkey 500W power supply

Display screen: 55-inch high-definition LCD screen Machine

size: L3200*W3400*H2400mm

Machine weight: 190KG

Power supply voltage: 220V Rated power: 600W

1. VR Super Hero is the latest virtual reality device from Movie Power, it constitutes by self-develop management system from Movie Power, cool appearance design and HTC VIVE glasses, put you into virtual reality world and you can free walk and shoot at will whenever you like.

2. Wearing HTC VIVE glasses, you can enter into battle place, you can see many zombie and then use gun to kill them. You will horrible, thrilling,fear, excited….show all the feeling to relax.

3. The design of VR Super Hero’s appearance accordances with people’s preferences by market research, which can grab people’s attention.


After-Sale Service

One year hardware warranty , and lifetime of technical support and game update ; * Within 4 hours Response time guarantee . * More than 200 countries technical support, cinema installation, technical guidance; * Skype/Whatsapp/wechat/QQ anytime and anywhere to solve problems; * Professional advice of cinema maintenance * Provide professional technical guidance by English


Question 1: We are planning to invest a new game city, but we did not have such experience before. How should we do?
Answer 1: (from Chuangyu’s general manager):
Once our customers’site has been selected, Chuangyu company will make out the planning flow for our customers. We will carry out a series of investigation and analysis of customers’ market. Then, we will bring out a suitable investment and planning program for them, and help them solve the difficulties before operation.
Question 2: We are worried about your quality and after-sales service.
Answer 2 (from after-sales department):
1.Chuangyu company offers our professional technical solutions to our customers, including photos,videos and files.
2.we support three parties (customer, after~sales service staff and technician) online communication. And the technician helps customers solve their problems by operating the real game machines.
3.Chuangyu company arrange technicians to customers’ sites to help them solve problems.
Question 3: How about the delivery time, transportation, and related fees?
Answer 3 (from foreign salesman):
1, we can ship your game machines to you in 7-15 days after we receive our customers’deposit.
2. Generally, we ship our game machines to our customers by sea.
3. The transportation fees and other related fees are based on the price at different time.


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2-player HTC VR Games


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2-player HTC VR Games


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Why choose vr 2-player HTC VR Games?


Looking for excitements is human nature, if not how to explain the huge crowds in the playground. How is a virtual reality experience that we according to the scene, the angle and other subtle aspects to design?


2.Easy To Use

Exclusive management platform, there are practical operation modes with key&mouse and touch screen, also there is WeChat payment, coin payment, and Manual Toll Collection available and send mail to boss accounts regularly.



HTC VIVE glasses, all the movies on the market can be played and achieve the most effective. Our products have passed CE certification and 5 million endurance test, which equivalent to eight years of operation.


1. Installation

A.Send your technicians to China to learn installing and testing.
B.We will send you diagram, instructions, pictures and videos to show it.
C.Send our technician to your location to complete the installation.

2. Warranty

We offer you one full year factory warranty.we will offer you 24 hours online maintenance for free, and
supply you for free the damaged key parts excluding projection screen and the lamp of projectors induced
by non-human factors.
3. Movies
We have our professional team working on the movies, normally we can update 1-2 new movie every month
to our customers during the period of warranty.
4. Design
We have our professional designer, can supply and design the ticket and room decoration for you. Help you
to do advertisements attracting more people and win the market.

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