2 queen mini claw machine

2 queen mini claw machine


2 queen mini claw machine

Brand: Colorful Park
Main Board: Taiwan liquid crystal main board
Sky car: imported non embroidered steel luxury car
Power: 48V
Rocker: high grade seven color rocker, keys of seven colors
Lighting: Jewelry grade LED lamp
Color: 7 sorts
Fuction: liquid crystal setting
Size: 73*45*168cm


2 queen mini claw machine Main Markets

Main Markets Africa,Western Europe,Southeast Asia,North America,Mid East,Domestic Market.


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Main products game machine,claw machine,shooting machine,arcade machine,redemption machine.arcade game machines, claw crane machine ,key master,ticket redemption games ,coin pudher ,prize redemption games ,amusement park game machine ,game machine for kids ,VR,5D,7D cinema  ,racing car ,kiddie ride and different coin game machines for game zone ,game center for 6 years with rich export experience .All our product have ISET Italy CE certificate , our factory was audited by SGS .Also our product has sold to 157 foreign countries.

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