4 player upright arcade machine

4 player arcade cabinet with light guns

The plot of humanoid weapons being exposed happened in the period of “Street Fighter 3”, and the plot at this time is already after “Street Fighter 2”.

That is to say, the reclining Buddha during the “Street Fighter 2” period is very likely to be a humanoid weapon.

In the Vega ending of “Youth Street Fighter 3”, after Vega captured Long, he used his killing intent to activate humanoid weapons, amplified the power infinitely, and then carried out precise strikes on the city through satellites.

It directly caused the disappearance of a big city, and this disaster has just begun.


The most reliable person who can destroy Vega’s plan is Dalsim.

After defeating Vega, the humanoid weapon is triggered, and everything seems to be going in a bad direction.

Dalsim forcibly used his mind power, changed the preset program of the humanoid weapon, and blew himself up on the spot, successfully preventing the disaster from happening.


Of course, there are exclusive plots in the ending of each character to destroy Vega’s plan.

Sudumu directly used the truck and Vega’s control room to die together, Branca destroyed the program of the humanoid weapon through power generation, and Shenyue Karin directly made a call to his laboratory to let the programmer change the direction of launch.

The plot of “Street Fighter 2” just happened to connect with “Street Fighter 1”.

After Sagat was defeated by Ron, Arden mocked his master Sagat as a tiger whose teeth had been pulled out.

(It is estimated that he has long forgotten the fact that he was also defeated by Long.)

In “Street Fighter 2”, Aton defeated the confused Sagat and kicked the reclining Buddha’s head.

It is provocative, and it is destroying Sagat’s belief.

Here we can see that there is nothing inside the reclining Buddha.

In other words, the reclining Buddha at this time is still normal, and has not been replaced by Vega as a humanoid weapon.

After that, Aton took over the title of Sagat’s Muay Thai King, dominating one side.

It attracted challenges from countless fighters, but Aton easily repelled them.

Aton, who is arrogant and arrogant, seems to have stood at the highest point of his life.

However, one day, a red-haired challenger came, and after Aton competed with him, he disappeared, and no one knew where he went.

4 player upright arcade machine
4 player upright arcade machine


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