42′ water shooting

42′ water shooting


Size:L230*W110*H180cm CM

Player:2 Players

Power: 400W

Weight: 160KG


 water shooting



Machine name: 42′ water shooting
Machine size: L230*W110*H180cm CM
Net weight: 160KG
Material: Blister


water shooting Coin-operated game machine daily maintenance


1, the game machine working voltage should be ensured in the range of 220V ± 10V, too low will affect the visual effect, too high easy to damage the dining machine power box, scanning board, transformer, serious will lead to damage to the computer board.

2, the game machine working environment should be kept well ventilated, no humidity. And regularly remove the dust inside the machine, the air humidity is too low, will lead to rust and corrosion of components, the computer board electronic components of the local short circuit and burned.

3, the game machine indoor should also ensure that no rodent scurry into, rodent urine will lead to electronic components short-circuit scrapped.

4, the game machine should be placed smoothly, avoid shaking vibration, to prevent metal parts or tokens fall to the electronic components of the dining short-circuit burned parts.

5, the game machine should avoid high-voltage, strong magnetic interference, electronic lighter core and other high-voltage interference damage will cause the computer board dining program out of control, serious damage to the computer board, shopkeepers should strengthen the supervision of the player.

6, the placement of the computer board: generally to hang is good, should avoid contact with the metal parts of the machine, screws, etc., avoid the use of anti-static booklet, anti-static foam isolation computer board, so as not to short circuit burn board.

7, regularly measure the voltage between the first and third legs of the game machine computer board blue plug, should ensure that the 4.8V ~ 5.3V range of the dining room. Due to potentiometer or component parameter changes and voltage fluctuations, should be measured regularly, adjust the power supply box on the +5 V knob to correct. Too low will set the board to die, too high will burn the board.

8, scanning board adjustment: to maintain good visual effects should also often adjust the scanning board correction, see the scanning board palladium knob chart.

9, tube maintenance: too high brightness will shorten the life of the tube, the brightness should be adjusted to moderate, humidity will lead to high-voltage tube fire and burn the scanning board or computer board, the tube color impurity to use demagnetizer demagnetization.



42' water shooting
42′ water shooting
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