55′ Dance

Product name dancing machine
Model CP-C042
Game Drum and Dance Machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L245 *W250 * H250CM
Display 55 inches
Weight 300kg
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 400W
Warranty One year

Product Description:

Dancing machine is one of the most popular dance video game machines with multiple sensors.

This two-person dance machine is equipped with a large 55-inch LCD screen and more than 50 popular songs. The style and language of the songs can be set freely.

The dance machine is equipped with 4 game modes: “Easy, Medium, and Difficult”. Tap the four arrows to the left and right, and follow the rhythm of the song with your hands and feet in the direction of the arrows on the screen. Each song is a complete one. dance.

Features of dancing machine:

  1. Realistic dance action design, colorful flashing lights! Freely switch the difficulty and background music, allowing players to have fun! The music library is updated regularly!
  2. Brand new luxurious dynamic music game. The most popular folk songs, Gangnam STYLE, Chinese, American and Korean pop songs have everything! The gameplay is simple and the rhythm is strong! Each song has three levels of difficulty: elementary, intermediate, and proficiency, so novices can get started quickly.
  3. 55-inch high-definition LCD screen, check the performance of the players on the screen at any time!
  4. The audio adopts high-definition sound quality professional power amplifier, multiple sets of color LED lights, colorful, beautiful and generous. Create a venue for popularity!

How to play the dancing machine:

  1.  After the player inserts the coin, tap on the screen to display “Please press any key to start the game” to enter the game.
  2. The game mode is divided into single player and double player. The two-player game needs to be started after coin deposits in both 1P and 2P.
  3. After each game is over, the player’s game score will be scored and scored, and the score is related to the completion of the player’s song. The two-person mode is divided into “battle mode” and “cooperative mode”. “Battle Mode” can play 2-3 songs. The player who wins the first two rounds wins, and the player who wins can continue in single player mode. In a single player game, a new player can enter the “combat mode” after inserting a coin. The “cooperative model” is a two-person model. There are six levels in total. As long as one player meets the clearance conditions of each level, he can proceed to the next level at the same time.
  4. In a single player game, new players can be allowed to join the game. After a new player puts in gold coins, press “Challenge” and the game will automatically enter the battle mode. After the game is over, the single player mode of the winning player can continue.
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