55’Dacing Game machine

Product name 55’Dacing Game machine
Model CP-C045
Game Dancing revolution game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L255*W280*H255cm
Weight 260KG
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 450W
Warranty One year

55’Dacing Game machine

Why choose 55’Dacing Game machine?

1. Dancing requires whole body activities, which can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body and relax

Joint muscles, eliminate physical and mental fatigue. Whether dancing tango,Rumba, Wall, Disco, whatever the form, must be closed
Joint of abdomen, head, neck, back, arms, waist, hips, legs and feetCoordinate movement, so that the movement is firm but not stiff, soft and unremitting, and solid but not stiffloose,so as to achieve the unity of beauty.

Twisting and twisting in dancing.The contour is expanded, and the lung capacity is increased; the twisting of the waist and hip strengthens the psoas and abdominal muscles.

Exercise, enhance the elasticity of the muscles, improve the flexibility and coordination of the lower back Tone, increase the flexibility of the pelvis and hip, free dance gives people

With the creation of the world, large movements can fully stretch the body
various parts.

2. Dancing is an activity that combines sports and entertainment. It not only
To be able to enter the Friendship Road, to communicate with the world, and to improve the physical and mental health of the times. exist When dancing,

the dance music of the long field accompanies you, and the rhythm of the music makes you Energetic.

Movement is collected in music, and music deploys movement.

Beautiful light music makes people feel relaxed and at ease, not only

Make your spirit happy, but also increase appetite, restore physical strength, eliminate Fatigue, help sleep.

3. Dance and music are twin brothers, music is audible dance,

Dance is visible music. People in beautiful music melody

Dancing, fascinated, rejuvenated, forgetting tiredness and sleepiness anti. Consume too much of the body’s clothes,

help Lose weight or maintain an appropriate weight, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and promote blood circulation

reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes and other steam-related diseases opportunity, enhance physical resistance,

reduce the chance of disease, strengthen society bones, prevent osteoporosis, help improve body shape, strengthen muscles Meat,

help stretch muscles and bones, reduce back pain, increase physical fitness

The softness of the joints, make people flexible, reduce the chance of injury, make sleep Better, more rested, more energetic and thicker today


How to play 55’Dacing Game machine

1. Put a coin or swipe a card, see the arrow on the screen, and the foot pedal is behind to enter the game.
2. Select the game difficulty, move left and right above the sensor hand, and select EAZY (easy), REAL (normal), HARD (difficult), CLUB (difficult). Select Foot Pedal to confirm.
3. Select the song above the sensor, move your hand left and right, select the song you like, choose to step on the pedal and start the game

Safety Precautions for 55’Dacing Game machine:

In order to prevent accidents, please read the following contents and this manual thoroughly before performing related work
 Special precautions during installation.

1) When installing, moving, and transporting the machine, be sure to consult your local agent.

2) This machine must not be installed outdoors.

3) This machine is strictly prohibited to be installed in the following places.

— Places where “condensation” may occur due to moisture or rain– On sloping, unstable or vibrating floors (places).
— Where there is direct light.
— Where there are flammable items or fire-fighting equipment.
— Directly exposed to heat from heating equipment (stove/electric stove…etc).
— Places where the balance cannot be maintained after adjusting the height of the screw (seat) after adjusting the machine.

4) Do not place vases, flower trays, cosmetics, chemicals, cups (water) and other items above the machine.

In order to prevent the solution in the container from infiltrating into the machine, it may cause a fire or power supply (electric shock) accident.

5) Please be sure to use the indoor wiring of more than 10A for AC 220V, and the extension cord (extension cord socket) must use the indoor wiring of more than 10A.

6) The power cord (or extension cord) must be fixed in a place with less crowds to avoid accidents such as the power cord falling off.

7) Please use independent (dedicated) power cord and wiring
(Do not use the “multi-plug power socket or wiring” with other machines) to avoid fire or power (electric shock) accidents.

◆ Precautions when using

1) When checking (checking) each part in the machine or cleaning the machine, be sure to turn off the power (POWER OFF) first. Otherwise, a power (electric shock) accident may occur.

2) All consumables in the machine must use the specifications specified by the manufacturer, otherwise the machine will malfunction.

3) It is strictly forbidden to disassemble/assemble/modify the machine, which may cause fire or electric shock.

4) Correctly connect and install the connector (CONNECTOR) when exchanging the system (SYSTEM). Otherwise, it may cause the failure of the board or cause a fire. When replacing the Hard Disk, be sure to turn off the power (POWER OFF) before the replacement operation.

5) The specifications and software contents of this machine are subject to change at any time in order to improve and improve the quality

55'Dacing Game machine

55'Dacing Game machine

55'Dacing Game machine

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