9 hole Key Master

9 hole Key Master vending machine manufacturer in china

9 hole key master


9 hole key master is a new indoor gift machine developed by colorful Park Company.
The appearanoe of this machine is simple and unique, and the color is fresh and generous.
The game is simple and fun. I believe its appearance will bring you new surprise!
Installation precautions, this 9-hole key master machine is suitable for indoor use, not for outdoor use. When the machine is installed properly, it should be placed on the ground smoothly. Don’t disassemble, assemble or move the machine at will. Before moving the machine, turn off the power supply and unplug the power cord. The machine should be placed on the flat ground and should not be placed in the place with smooth, unstable or serious vi-bration. Don’t place the machine near the equipment with high temperature or easy to produce sparks. Don’t put sundries on the machine, and the power cord can’t be pressed by heavy objects. Don’t expose the electrical parts inside the machine to the outside.
Operation precautions

Before connecting the power supply, be sure to check whether the power plug and power cord are in good condition and whether the voltage is suitable for the requirements of the machine. The power supply voltage must be used according to the voltage required on the back cover of the machine.
The power supply must be disconnected during maintenance and overhaul. Nonprofessionals are not allowed to dismantle the machine at will. When replacing the device, please select the appropriate accessories. When the power cord is pulled out, t should be pulled out by grasping the plug instead of the wire. lt is not allowed to plug and unplug the plug with wet hands. and it is not allowed to stretch or twist the power cord with force.

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