9-player 7D cinema


6 degrees of freedom,

electric system

Voltage: 220v(Original





colorful park


***If the Voltage is 110V,

then additional transformers

will be needed. additional

fees may apply. Overseas

installation can be provided

9-player 7D cinema details as below

Occasion: Effects:
indoor commercial amusement park, trampoline park, sports park, adventure park, shopping mall, resort hotel, airport, resort place, camping area, city park, residential, educational play area, training center, garden, playhouse, commercial, public, educational, home wind, rain, snow, light, bubble,sweep leg , face wind , push back
Place of Origin: Movies:
Guangdong, China More than 170pcs
Brand Name: Glasses:
VART 3D Glasses
Model Number: Platform:
VART-5D 3 or 6 Dof Electric Dynamic System
Type: Seats:
Play house, Indoor 6 9 12 seats
Material: Voltage:
Metal, Plastic, FiberGlass, Acrylic material, steel, iron and others 110V /220V
Allowable Passenger: Feature:
<5, 5-10, >10 Shooing Games
Inflatable: Warranty:
NO 1 Year Warranty
Max Capacity: Name:
>500kg, <100kg, 100-500kg 9-player 7D cinema


9-player 7D cinema way of experience
7D interactive movie is a dynamic journey, sound, light, shadow, water, fog, smoke, strong shaking when the earthquake comes, the sense of extinction when the landslide hits, and otherworldly technology has created the excellent experience of 7D interactive movie, The audio-visual art is made real through sensing, light perception, vibration and shaking, etc., supplemented by the five-dimensional scene, and the viewer is immediately introduced into it. Watching a movie has become a movie-like life. experience.
technical composition
1. Screen
The movie screen is an important equipment in the cinema. In order to present a better picture, the 4D cinema requires a higher picture quality, so it is necessary to choose a higher quality screen as the projection screen. Generally, a metal screen is used, which can restore the picture to a certain extent.
2. Stereoscopic glasses
Generally, polarized glasses are used, 9-player 7D cinema which visually brings a realistic sense of picture, and the three-dimensional picture is like visiting the scene in person.
3. Dynamic seat
Dynamic seats can bring vibration, bumps and other special effects.
4. Environmental effects
Environmental special effects specially designed rain, snow, clouds, fog, including smell, etc., the specific needs are determined according to the content of the film.
5. Sound system
Stereo surround sound can further render the viewing atmosphere.

9-player 7D cinema Show advantage
1. The cinema is a combination of dynamic and special effects, which greatly satisfies people’s sensory experience.
2. The dynamic seat can be adjusted and equipped according to the playback of the movie.
3. The cinema’s dynamic seats have seat belts and armrests to ensure safety.
4. Convenient transportation, easy installation and maintenance, low operating cost.
5. The audio-controlled vibrator controlled by the sound is installed inside the seat and uses the sound of the theater to control the vibration amplitude and frequency of the seat synchronously. This kind of vibrator has no noise, strong vibration and can experience the change of the strength of the vibration, which enhances the presence and gives a deep immersive feeling.


9-player 7D cinema product description

Combining 3D video, interactive games and dynamic cinema skillfully, it integrates 4D positioning technology, stereo imaging, animation production technology, optoelectronic technology, wireless positioning, tracking technology, human-computer interaction, mechatronics technology, video playback technology, audio control technology, Computer programming, acoustic control and many other high-techs are integrated into one, allowing visitors to have an immersive feeling. When natural phenomena such as wind, rain, thunder, and electricity appear in the film, the special effects equipment will also appear windy, raining, thundering, and lightning simultaneously; when the fighter jet launches missiles at the enemy, the seat will vibrate strongly; … the audience is all movies Characters, all the plots are happening right in front of you and around you, and the almost sense of participation makes the participants unable to stop. Each audience has an independent ID, and many people or even dozens of people watch and play in front of the same screen. The computer gives the participants points according to the results of the interactive battle. The accumulation of points can be done by shouting, beating and blowing to the characters in the film. Help, after the project is over, the ranking will be announced according to the level of points. This high-form entertainment method with interactive PK function is intoxicating and irresistible. The development of the plot can be changed, and the audience has the final say in the ending of the movie. After going through hardships and obstacles and fighting fiercely, whoever becomes the hero and winner will have his avatar shining on the big screen, flowers blooming, and applause.


9-player 7D cinema What is movie?

7D movie is an innovative project combining game entertainment and dynamic cinema technology skillfully, and it is also a brand-new concept of entertainment media industry. Its characteristics are: the viewer can become a character in the film, intervene in the pre-set environment and plot of the film, so that the viewer can feel that he is a part of the film, and the viewer is in the film. One of them, and continues to interact with the video content.


9-player 7D cinema The Art of Movies

7D movie is a fantastic fantasy, sound, light, shadow, water, fog, smoke, strong shaking when an earthquake comes, the feeling of extinction when a landslide hits, and otherworldly technology creates an excellent experience of 7D interactive movies. The art of audio and video is made real through the use of sensing, light perception, vibration and shaking, etc., coupled with the five-dimensional scene, the viewer is immediately introduced into it. Watching a movie has become an experience. A movie-like life experience.


9-player 7D cinema Features of  Movies:

The 7D interactive cinema has powerful functions, that is, you can watch previous 3D and 5D movies, and you can also play exciting 7D interactive movies. One person can interact with the movie and PK with each other. It is real and exciting. You are like the protagonist of the movie. Your every move is closely related to the progress of the movie, so you can play in it and have endless fun.


9-player 7D cinema The general trend of the film market:

The 7D film market has always been concerned by many people. 5D cinema has opened up a new situation for the film market. Zhuoxin Zhicheng Technology has continued to innovate in the process of rapid development of 5D films. The new technological achievement of 7D films is a brand new one. High-tech simulation multiplayer battle amusement products. With 5D environmental special effects, combined with the latest international 3D, 4D film and television technology and multi-person interactive interactive technology, we creatively design a variety of amusement equipment with different themes, and simulate and virtualize the theme for each theme amusement equipment. The scenes and film and television plots, with special special effects seats and environmental effects, 7D Cinema is equipped with simulated pistols for each seat, allowing tourists to fight with characters or monsters in the film in real time. After the game is over, it will be announced through system statistics. The ranking of points, the competition between the audience to produce results, the one who hits the most enemies is the winner, and experience the joy and pride of completing the task and defeating the opponent. These will bring unprecedented excitement and happiness to the audience, making the audience linger, thus inducing the audience’s urge and desire to watch the show repeatedly.

7D cinema standard configuration: (can be designed according to requirements, customized by customers)

Seat parameters: 4 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats, 9 seats, 12 seats (optional), 20-200 seats

Control system: 3D video playback system, interactive game system, seat special effects and environmental special effects control system, projection system, etc.

Get the Projector: Dedicated HD Projector

Dedicated Seats: A variety of seats {sorted into a variety of deluxe and regular versions} are available.


9-player 7D cinema Suitable location:

7D interactive cinema is suitable for operation in amusement parks, parks, tourist attractions, large tourist resorts, commercial centers, game halls, downtown, pedestrian streets and other places. Zhuoxin Zhicheng Technology hopes that through sincere cooperation with investment franchisees from all over the world, we will jointly seize the opportunity to quickly promote 7D interactive cinema equipment to the whole country, so that hundreds of millions of audiences will be happy, and at the same time, it will also bring rich returns to franchisees and companies everywhere. .

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