9D driving simulator vr racing motorcycles vr game

9D driving simulator vr racing motorcycles vr game

VR Motorcycle is a racing and driving game. It adopts the dynamic simulation system independently developed by Quanyinghui, with special effects such as braking, throttle control, simulated vision, etc., combined with the current cutting-edge virtual reality technology, bringing unprecedented surprises and excitement to the experiencer from the aspects of vision, hearing, touch, etc. experience

Car racing. Project area: 2㎡. Passenger capacity: 1 person/time, about 10 minutes per game. 15 scenes can be selected.


1. Turn on the machine switch
2. Select the corresponding game, put on the glasses and start the game
Note: Remember to connect the VR glasses before starting the game

Be caution:

Do not use hydroalcoholic solutions or solvents (such as acetone) to disinfect hardware: electronic equipment may be damaged
Do not use any cleaners: toxic and irritating to your eyes, skin and respiratory tract
Do not use compressed air spray: it will not kill the virus (especially COVID-19) and may cause more dirt to accumulate inside the VR hardware
Don’t spit to clean the lens: saliva is full of bacteria and can leave marks when it dries.
Do not use tissue or tissue: it contains wood fibers and may damage lenses/eyeglasses
Do not use abrasive products.

9D driving simulator vr racing motorcycles vr game

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