Aliens Shooting with pedal

coin operated arcade Aliens Shooting with pedal

The details of Aliens Shooting with pedal  :

Aliens Shooting with pedal  is a highly playable gun shooting game console, many players are crazy about it, because the alien game console can bring players a very real shooting feeling.
As a game hall manager, if you have ever operated an alien game console, or are currently operating it, you will also know very well that alien game consoles also have their drawbacks: guns are prone to failure

Aliens Shooting with pedal

How to play Aliens Shooting with pedal machine?


1. Insert coins, press “START” button (select left and right machine guns), select scene 1–4 to start the game, and you can go to the next game if you pass the level successfully.

2. The gusset plate of the machine gun can fire 99 rounds of bullets, the yellow square button of the butt is the fire switch, and the red round button on the side of the gun can fire missiles and grenades.

3. The red round button on the side of the gun can launch missiles and grenades. There are machine guns/grenades/flame guns/drugs and other items in the game. Shooting with a gun can get attention not to accidentally injure teammates, otherwise points will be deducted. Alien Shooting, simple and rich gameplay, 42-inch, 52-inch LCD screen, clear picture, Alien Shooting is definitely one of the must-have machines for the popularity of the venue. [1]

What problem you will meet ,when you use Aliens Shooting with pedal machine ?


1. There are many people playing, and the failure rate increases accordingly;

Second, imitate the realism of the gun, vibration, percussion, recoil and so on.

In practice, more specific failure phenomena:

3. The gun does not run or the boot information shows that the gun is not faulty, check that the external power supply is the correct voltage, the button or trigger does not work, and the micro switch or wiring inside the gun is faulty.

how to Solve the Aliens Shooting with pedal machine?


1. Wiring failure: Check that all wires are firmly connected, the wires are not crushed, and there is no short circuit due to improper grounding. If using a PCI USB port, check that the USB cable is correctly connected to the port.

2. Disconnect the USB or DC power supply: Check all the USB ports of the power supply box, if all the gun lights are off, it shows that it is a 12V DC power supply problem.

3. The fuse of the gun power interface is melted: check the fuse of the power interface.

4. The gun is connected to the computer USB port failure: test the USB port and close the game. Disconnect the device from the port, connect the game dongle in the port, restart the game, if you can’t find the error message for the dongle, it means the USB port is broken. If the game starts with the ports running freely, after testing, reconnect all devices to the correct ports and reboot.

5. The gun is connected to the wrong USB port: If the PCI, USB port is used, please check the port on the computer label, if the PCI, USB card is replaced, you may need to use a different port.

6. Power failure: Verify that the external DC power supply is the correct voltage.

2. The button or trigger does not work.

Causes and Solutions:

1. Micro switch or wiring fault: Check the micro switch inside the gun to make sure that no wires are crushed inside the gun.

3. There is no vibration inside the gun.

Causes and Solutions:

1. DC power failure: Make sure the external DC power is 24V.

2. The game is set to turn off vibration OFF: Open the gun adjustment menu.

3. Solenoid valve failure: Check the wiring in the gun, if there is a solenoid valve failure, it should be replaced.

4. Feedback force recoil and LED flashing lights on the wrong gun, and no gun on the visible screen.


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