Automatic Vending Cotton Candy Machine

Machine model: automatic vending cotton candy machine
Machine power consumption: 2500 watts
Voltage: AC200V 50HZ
Cleaning water consumption: 25 sugars/liter
Sugar consumption: 25 sugars/KG
Humidifier water consumption: 3~9L/8 hours*2
Machine size: 1950*1468*665MM
Machine package size: 1965*1600*800MM
Machine net weight: 370KG
Use environment: indoor temperature 0℃-50℃
Screen size: 21.5 inches
Video format: MP4

How the automatic vending cotton candy machine works?

  • Advertising + touch screen
    Customers can complete the purchase operation by themselves on the touch screen and can place their own advertisements remotely, or place third-party advertisements according to the specific situation, and obtain the advertisement fee Four-axis manipulator
    Through the program, the automatic operation of the manipulator is realized, and a series of operations such as root taking, making marshmallows, embossing, and pushing marshmallows are completed.
  • new burner
    It can solve the problems of brush mechanism, easy ignition, unstable temperature, and difficult temperature control at one time, and can accurately control each temperature of the furnace head, suitable for working in various environments. Automatic door system
  • When the marshmallow is made, it will be pushed to the fixed pickup location. After the automatic door is sensed, it will automatically open the door. After the candy is taken out, the automatic door will automatically close.
  • LED light box
    Factory standard light box, automatic cotton candy machine with cotton candy ERR
    Set of light boxes, with a high degree of recognition, can attract customers well
  • UPS uninterruptible power supply
    A UPS contains a battery that “turns on” when the device detects a loss of mains power, and the machine can keep the machine running for a period of time when the mains power is lost.

The advantages of our automatic vending cotton candy machine

  1. Various styles,Manipulator operation,Choice of flavors,Replacing artificial hands
  2. No need to learn,Open 24H,Scan code to shop,365 days of high income
  3. zero touch,make sugar remotely,healthy and clean,Remote switch,Smart background,Large capacity candy box one,Independent research and development system,Do more than 250 times,Easy to manage
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