batman slot machine game

Model NO.:CP-C018


Power: 420W

Weight: 190KG

Player: 1 Player


Batman slot machine game Machine details



Batman slot machine game Machine performance description


1.It is adopted the newest version and technology for classic simulator racing game machine.
2.The shocking music effect, real scene images make it become a new fever for the players.
3. 42″ super HD screen, the scene looks very clear and enjoyed by the players.
4. Latest attractive popular game and wonderful music, multitudinous luxury racing cars, plenty of tracks for choice.

How to play Batman slot machine game Machine:

1. Insert coins to start the game;
2. Choose the playing car and course;
3. Step on the gas pedal to accelerate or lower the speed;
4. Use steering wheel to turn left or right;
5. Racing game uaually has 5 stages, each stage time is about 60 seconds;
6. When you complete the 5 stages, you win!

racing game machine

Racing game machine introduction

Racing game machine, also known as video game racing machine, is a kind of simulation machine made to simulate real racing cars in public entertainment places. The game console consists of multiple components, generally consisting of a display screen, a seat, a steering wheel, a gear lever, a foot pedal, a base and other accessories

Racing Game machine structure


Located on the top of the game console, it is used to display the game progress and bring the visual enjoyment of the racing car to the players.


The seat is facing the display screen and is used to carry the player, the back of the seat contains a speaker for playing game sounds, and the puller under the seat is used to adjust the distance of the seat.

steering wheel

The steering wheel is located below the display screen, which is used to control the direction of the car during the driving process. It contains shift paddles and function buttons.

gear lever

The purpose of the gear lever is for the forward and reverse gears when driving a racing car. Generally, the gear lever has only two gears, the forward gear and the reverse gear, while some with a higher degree of simulation have 5 gears.

The gear lever is generally on the right side of the steering wheel. This position is actually modeled on the left-hand cranking car in my country, and some gear levers are on the left side of the steering wheel, which is modeled on foreign right-hand cranking cars.

foot pedal

The foot pedal is the lower part of the front of the game console, which contains two pedals for the accelerator and brake. Some models with high imitation also contain the clutch pedal.


The base is under the game machine and is used to carry the entire game machine and the player.

Racing Game machine control panel


The control panel is on the side or back of the base, and includes a power socket, a power switch, a power indicator, a power fuse, a network cable interface, and a USB interface.


Racing Game machine Scope of application


Personal use, children’s experience center, car theme park, game arcade video game city, senior club, science and technology museum and driving school, etc.

Racing Game machine game instructions


Players put coins into the game, choose a vehicle and select a track, and then they can enter online battles and computer battles.

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