Bowling game machine Bowling alley

Product name Bowling game machine Bowling alley
Model CP-C069
Game Bowling game machine/arcade
Colorful As picture
Voltage 220/110V
Power 250W
Warranty One year

Bowling game machine Bowling alle

What is Bowling game machine Bowling alley?

Bowling, also known as “ground ball”, is an indoor sport in which a ball is used to hit a wooden bottle on a board fairway. It is popular in some countries in Europe, Oceania and Asia. The bowling game is based on a draw to determine the course and order of pitches. During the game, 10 wooden pins are placed at the end of the fairway into a triangle, and the players take turns throwing the ball to hit the wooden pins after the foul line; 10 rounds are one inning; Most wins.

pitching steps for

Bowling game machine Bowling alley:

First, insert all the thumbs of the right hand (or left hand) into the ball hole, the middle finger and the ring finger are respectively inserted into the second joint is the most suitable, hold the ball to the chest in the palm of the hand, hold the ball upright with both hands, straighten the body, relax the shoulders, and concentrate , then start. The four-step assist is more commonly used. Take this as an example. In the first step, step out from the right foot and stretch the ball forward;

in the second step, step out of the left foot, the ball is about 90 degrees on the hand and the body; in the third step When stepping forward with your right foot, place the ball behind you; in step 4, when your left foot slides out, lightly send the ball out of your hand at the same time.

The walk is actually the route you need to take from standing on the fairway to when you hit the ball. It is usually divided into three-step assist, four-step assist and five-step assist. For those with larger steps, a smaller number of steps can be used, but it must also be coordinated with their own body coordination and flexibility. A person who shoots the ball with his right hand should cross his right foot behind his left foot when he finally delivers the ball, and vice versa with his left hand. Beginners should start with a light weight, generally using a ball equivalent to 10% of the body weight.

Holding the ball: The arms should be clamped under the armpits, and the body and shoulders should be straightened. The original half-squat position should also be changed to an upright position, because if the legs are half-squatted, energy will also be consumed. It is best not to swing the ball in front of the chest when holding the ball, because many people will inertialy swing the ball to the back to the right. The ball should be held in a position parallel to the right shoulder, and then dragged with the left hand. If the ball is placed in front of your chest, you should also move the ball to a position parallel to your right shoulder when swinging the ball, and then do the swinging action.

Swing the ball: Put the originally bent arm down and straighten it and swing it straight back. This position is very important. The higher the position of holding the ball and the higher the swing back, the faster the speed of the ball will be. However, many people will deviate from the back stance, pay special attention to the armpits still clamped, and the hands still straight.

Release: The hand is straight and cannot be bent. Do not use force, because the ball speed will naturally increase if the posture is correct.

Walking: You can make the walking speed faster, but don’t mess up, because the assisting walk can also speed up the ball.

Left hand: Many people ignore the left hand, so the speed of the ball is not fully utilized. The function of the left hand is to balance the weight of the right hand, and speed can only be exerted when it is balanced. When walking, the left hand should spread its wings like an eagle. The higher the left hand is raised, the more energy will be gathered. Note that when shooting, not only the right hand, but also the left hand should exert equal strength, otherwise the posture will collapse due to imbalance, and the left hand should be like a rear bump when shooting.

Landing point: Try not to vacate the ball when you put the ball, otherwise a lot of energy will be offset by the collision with the fairway. No sound is the best way to play a fast ball when you put the ball.

Note: The above discussion only applies to right-handed shooters.

Bowling game machine Bowling alley

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