World Boxing game machine

Product name World Boxing
Model CP-C049
Game Boxing&punching game machine
Spec/Size(L*W*H) L138*W97*H230cm
Weight 160KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220v/110v
Power 250W
Warranty One year

World Boxing game machine


How to play World Boxing game machine?

1. After the coin is put in, the punching rake on the machine will automatically bounce up. When the punching rake stops steadily and a prompt sound appears, the punching will be effective, otherwise the punching will be invalid. You can punch three times in one game, and you will not be able to punch within the specified time. Punching is regarded as giving up this punch, the game will automatically enter the next punch test, the strength of each punch will be displayed on the score display board, and the cumulative sum of 3 punches will also be displayed on the total score display board. If the accumulation of 3 punches exceeds the highest recorded score displayed on the machine at that time, a grand prize will be given to you at this time. The score on the display board will also flash, accompanied by cheers.

2. After the punching rake stops steadily and the prompt sound appears, if no punches are made within the specified time (that is, after the digital display of the punching strength is 0 when the countdown counts down), it is regarded as giving up the punching, and the corresponding score card will display this punch. The strength of the next punch is 0, and at the same time, it will automatically enter the record of the next punch.

3. The World Boxing game machine can choose to issue lottery tickets or Coke, and the owner can choose freely.

4. This game broke the record. The owner can choose to send the guest to play one more time for free or not, and the owner can choose freely.

5. Concentrate on hitting the center of the punch and rake, and the machine will show the number of pounds obtained and the score achieved (the pointer and the chasing light are synchronized). You will be pleasantly surprised and excited. It is the best product for sports models at present. Training the player’s accuracy and boxing power will make you feel the challenge and sense of achievement like never before.


Advantagefor the World boxing game machine?

Dragon Boxing game machine is a combination of boxing sports and game entertainment. When you use the machine, you are also doing boxing sports!

Boxing Machine is a new type of lottery machine, equipped with durable accessories, and can be set to play a variety of music with many different voice messages and songs/sounds.

The (boxing wheel) kit allows you to use the 3-inch capsules allocated by the machine to provide any prizes you like (toys, coupons, free drinks, etc.)

World Boxing game machine


About the warranty for World Boxing game machine?

The accessories used for the machine are certified, and the machine uses a one-year free warranty
If the machine you bought is not damaged by humans, we will directly replace the parts
for you instead of sending it back for repair, including LCD monitors, motherboards, and power
supplies. Machine lifetime maintenance

After one year, if you need some technical consultation or any other support, please feel free to
tell us, we will only charge you the cost of accessories and provide you with 24-hour service.

About payment for World Boxing game machine?

The advance payment of the order should be 30% of the payment through T/T, and the remaining payment should be settled before delivery.

What is the minimum order quantity for World Boxing game machine?

The minimum order quantity is 1pcs, and as normal, we will finish the goods in 15 days after receiving deposit.

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