Centipede arcade upright machine 

Why the best controller for fighting Centipede arcade games is a joystick?


In fact, keyboards and joysticks have their own advantages and disadvantages.


I use the keyboard a lot now, let’s talk about the keyboard for Centipede arcade first:

The advantage of the keyboard is that precise input does not require the joystick to be returned to the center, and the number of wrong moves is greatly reduced.

However, the disadvantages of the keyboard are also obvious. Some operations that require a large range of shaking the joystick cannot be performed.


And limited by the input frequency of the keyboard, some tricks that need to be played in succession are really powerless.

Here are some of the tricks I’ve come up with for making the keyboard difficult to operate:

KOF97: Get up and jump to prevent pressure.


Because it is difficult to get up and enter 32147 in an instant. In the same way, there is also Zhang Fei’s whirling and sitting in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

To turn the ball at zero point, you need to press different keys quickly, which is very difficult. For the same reason, there is Huang Zhong’s triple shot in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The joystick is just the opposite of the keyboard.


The disadvantage of the joystick is that sometimes the wrong move is made, and it takes a long time to practice to form muscle memory.


In addition, the joystick is easy to break, and it is difficult to repair it if it is broken.


I bought a joystick before, and when the 1P is pulled back, it often becomes a jump, that is, the upper and rear of the 1P position is more sensitive, it should be that the components are crooked, but I can’t adjust it (after all, I can’t).

In short: the problem of the joystick can be overcome through practice and maintenance, and the problem of the keyboard is a congenital deficiency.


Therefore, the best operating tool for action Centipede games has to be a joystick.



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