Clown Frenzy

Product Name Clown Frenzy
Size: L2.5*W1*H2.49m
Players:  1/2
Net Weight  250KG
Power:  300W
Material  Wooden&Acrylic
Color  Blue
Type Kids Redemption Game Machine
Mode Coin Operated/Card Operated
Suit for  indoor game center,shopping mall,amusement park

Product Description

coin operated ticket redemption game kids ball pitching arcade game machine clown frenzy


  1. Attractive apperance, high quality, and exquisite design of clowns.
  2. Funny music and have sound effect when you hit down the clown.
  3. Redemption game, different line different score.
  4. Very good for people to release their stress.

How to play:

  1. Insert the coins or swipe the card, the balls will fall down.
  2. Threw the ball to hit down the clowns. First line 10 points, second line 20 points, third line 30 points. When the clown turn red, it will be double points.
  3. On the control desk it has the score and tickets chart. Player get tickets according to the scores they get.
  4. It’s a very luxury,interesting and attractive game, it makes very good income for the Game Center!
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