cotton candy machine

cotton candy machine


Why chose our cotton candy machine?


Many styles
cute glowing head
Customizable sticker decoration
Manipulator operation
automatic lift door
fancy knife
Candy Love Prepares Ancai
Upgrade iterative stove
Water storage/drainage bucket


1 High-sensitivity four-axis robotic arm
Fully automatic and sensitive operation of the sugar stick to make marshmallow colors, even and fast
2 double-glazed seals
Double-layer glass sealing, the sugar-making process is clean and hygienic and clearly visible, with good sealing
3 Non-stick sugar embossing knives, the blade does not stick to sugar flocs
Precisely cut marshmallow colors present rich and varied shapes
4 advertising screen operation touch screen
Customer self-service operation selects the route to place advertisements, background settings

product detailed information:


Product name: Fully automatic cotton candy machine power
Device status: Networking (with 4G card)
Power: 400-2500W
Size: 1320MM*650MM*2010MM
Material: food grade stainless steel plate
Rated voltage: 100-240V universal/3000 power
Simple sugar trumpet time: 90S-125S
Use environment: indoor / temperature 5 degrees -40 degrees
Types of designs and colors: 66 kinds (continuously updated)
Language: Support 125+ national languages

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