Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island ball shooting game machine

Dinosaur Island game machine Product feature:

1. The industry’s first four-person water jet, the drainage engine of the family entertainment center;
2.65-inch/75-inch large screen shooting, 4K high-definition visual impact is better;
3. The appearance is high-end and beautiful, which can better attract players to sit and play;
4. The software adopts 3D mobile propulsion large scene, and the content is realistic and rich;
5. Wide audience, suitable for people over 3 years old and parents to play together;
6. High-end materials, exquisite workmanship and better quality;
7. The popularity of the venue is good, and the income is better!


How to play Dinosaur Island game machine?


1. After the game starts, aim at the screen to shoot the ball and choose the theme scene you like.

2. Aim at the monsters and attacking objects on the screen to shoot the ball and get points.

3. The game can be cleared by successfully clearing the level or defeating the Boss within the specified time, and choose the next theme scene to play the game.

4. Successfully enter the final theme scene to challenge the big boss.

5. Kill the boss to get more points.

Dinosaur Island

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