Dirty Drivin Arcade game

Model NO.:CP-C014


Power: 300W

Weight: 180KG

Player:1 Players

Dirty Drivin Arcade game machine details

Name Dirty Driving Racing Game Machine
Size L1700*W1100*H2400
Power 400W
Weight 180kg
Voltage 110V/220V
LCD 42 inch
Warranty 12months+life time technology support
Certificate Certificate
Suit for game center,carnival,shopping mall,gym,school,amusement park
Payment Term T/T, Western Union. 30% of deposits before production, balance before shipment
Delivery Term EXW,FOB,CIF,DDP…


Dirty Drivin Arcade game machine parameters

Rated power: 380W

Rated voltage: 220V

Weight: 450KG

Applicable people: 6 years old and above and young adults

Size: W880*D1750*H2080


How to play the Dirty Drivin Arcade game racing machine ?

Put coins or swipe cards, choose your favorite off-road car, and get props to attack other players.

Have you ever played a racing game in a video game city?

Are you unable to rank high because of your youthful driving?

Are you worried that others will sneer at your driving skills?

Maybe these have been experienced by beginner racing drivers.

Loving the big game console racing game but being afraid of the embarrassment after racing is like looking at a hot taro and can only worry dryly.

However, when the big game console “Savage Exorcism” debuted, all this was not a problem.

If you have no driving experience and like to rampage, this is it!

The Savage Exorcism is all about rampaging as you wish.

If you like speed and passion, that’s right! “Savage” focuses on the word “savage”, as long as speed, whether it is a rock iceberg or a rival car!

If you have a plot, this is right ! “Savage Exorcism” will allow players to enjoy the game satisfaction in eating points.

The biggest difference between “Savage” and other large-scale racing game consoles is that you only need to gently pull the handle, and you can complete it by taking points, transforming, jumping, and obtaining energy.

If you are “savage” enough during the race, it will also give you “double savage” energy!

It is worth mentioning that if you hit an opponent’s car during the racing process, not only will you not be deducted points, but the body will not be damaged. ,

will also encourage you! There will be words such as “the opponent cried”, “you gave the opponent a color look”, “hit him hard”, “hit him hard” and other words that can’t help but make the player feel good.

Maybe you want to test your speed and know how you rank.

The large-scale game console “Savage Exorcism” has a time calculation function, and after the game is over, you will know that you are in the rank of the first, second and third runner-up.

At the same time, there will be surprises after a game! Just drag the handle, the prizes will scroll on the screen, maybe accidentally switch to the “missile” for the next game!

Just pull the handle, you can race the car as you like! Does the large game console “Savage Exorcism” arouse your desire to race?

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