Donkey kong

Donkey kong arcade upright  game machine suit for bar 

The Donkey kong common arcade machine, the basic form is composed of two parts: the frame and the machine version. Games that run on arcade machines are called arcade games

1)Comparative coin-operator:

Put a coin on the coin slot first, then put in the same coin to see if it can be put in. If the coin cannot be put in, there is no response, please check whether the 12V coin line is powered on or whether the switch on the coin slot adjusts the width. The same size as the coin.

2) Ordinary betting:

You must first adjust whether the coin-operated channel is the same size as the coin [unscrew the screw of the coin-operator and adjust the coin-operated channel according to your own coin. After the adjustment, just tighten the screw.

3) Ordinary top vote:

If it is an iron coin, the magnet on the coin-operator must be removed before the coin can be put in [the copper coin does not need to be taken]. There is a screw in the center of the coin-operator to adjust the size of the coin.

Donkey kong

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