Duel Marvel

Duel Marvel arcade upright machine details:

Duel Marvel arcade game machine introduces:

The brain board is the core part of the entire game machine.

It mainly includes four parts: graphics memory, graphics processor, command memory, and command processor.

The graphics processor is a microprocessor, which will be stored in digital form.

The graphics information in the graphics memory is converted into analog signals (including graphics, color, brightness and other signals),

these signals are then transmitted to the scanning board, converted into video signals and sent to the fluorescent screen,

and the graphics are displayed on the fluorescent screen; at the same time,

the graphics processor It also converts the digitized sound signal into an analog signal,

sends it to the amplifier, and releases the sound through the speaker.

The command processor is also a microprocessor, it reads the instructions from the command memory,

and judges the signal from the operating handle to control the graphics processor to display different pictures and make different sounds.

Therefore, the game console cannot be without a computer board.

Duel Marvel

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