flower world claw crane machine

flower world claw crane machine

Model NO.:CP-L003


Power: 100W

Weight: 120KG

Player:1 Player

Material: Metal, glass


flower world claw crane machine

flower world claw crane machine Introduction

The crane machine, also known as the selection of objects vending, commonly known as crane machine in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, China, called the crane machine, inland China is also called crane machine, for a kind of electronic game originated in Japan. Japanese original name UFO CATCHER.

The crane machine belongs to the gift vending machine, is a large game machine inside the simpler kind.

There are Japanese style crane machine (2 claws) and Korean style crane machine (3 claws). It is the display of goods in a transparent box, on which there is a machine arm that can control the capture of items, the user has to control the arm with their own skills to get the items they want.

Because most of the earliest stuffed toys such as plush toys, stuffed toys, so there is the “clip doll”, “clip doll” called.

Because the placement of the Muppet is very popular Muppet and other things, and therefore popular with children and adolescents. Some businesses have also launched the machine to clip watches, key rings and even seafood, but because the principle is the same, so many people will still call it a crane machine.


flower world claw crane machine  Market Outlook

These machines are not always able to catch the desired items, or clip on a vibration or even nothing, but good luck or skill may be able to obtain goods for a small amount of money, so compared to the function of selling items, its function as a game to provide fun or gaming is more.

In addition to the general toy selection vending machine, there are even alternative selections such as fresh lobster, fish, etc., but often attracted criticism of animal cruelty.

The crane machine has taken root in the Asian market, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and so on all over the streets and alleys, very popular. In recent years, in China’s large cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places to distribute a lot, is also spreading to small and medium-sized cities.

In Japan generally appear in large numbers in the game machine center. In Taiwan clip crane machine is more popular, in the night market or grocery store entrance are not difficult to find.

In Hong Kong, this kind of vending machine only a small number of places such as convenience stores, shopping malls, indoor playgrounds, and in recent years the number of gift machines has increased, but the difficulty of each store varies, and even some stores simply set to the chance of winning nearly 0 difficulty, there are often help familiar customers to move the doll near the exit, compared to Japan is absolutely inferior.

In 2010, a series of youtube appeared to s_lcl~UFOキャッチャー clip doll (number) (skills) as the title of the clip doll teaching film, a large number of clip doll teaching film has become a guide to clip doll in Hong Kong.


flower world claw crane machine  Principle and gameplay

Most crane machines are in the form of automatic vending, according to the requirements of throwing a certain amount of coins into it, you can first control the claw to move back and forth in the horizontal direction, and then through the button to let the claw grab, after grabbing the claw will rise to the top and move towards the pickup port, if the final fall out of the pickup port, the doll belongs to you.

Although there are many tips, but in fact the crane machine capture success rate can be set by the business, so some people may be a success, there will be spent a lot of money still can not catch.




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