Frame Machine

Frame Machine 32 Inch Tekken 7 Retro Video Fighting Game Cabinet Machine Vewlix Street Fighter Arcade Games Machines

The Frame Machine  frame contains:
1.Empty frame.
2. Horn (4 pcs)
3. Door lock. Coin box lock
4. Does not include: LCD, power supply, wire, coin acceptor, joystick, button, motherboard
5. Inner soft bag. Outer wooden frame
6.Size: length 82*width 55*height 158CM

♦32″ Full HD monitor
♦Blacked tinted plexiglass marquee
♦USB 3.0 HUB connectors & headphone output
♦Metal panel with poly carbonate plastic for tough built
♦Japanese Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joysticks and OBSF buttons
♦PlayStation, Xbox or PC compatible
♦Original Jamma connectors
♦Coin operator

Frame Machine

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