Ghost Squad


About the Ghost Squad Arcade game:

The 42 inch Ghost Squad video game machine is a new arcade shooting game and popular for game centers, amusement parks, shopping mall, indoor playground, family entertainment center, etc.

It is easy for management because of the coin operated system.

We are factory and had design many succefful case We can customized for you as required.

HOW TO PLAY Ghost Squad Arcade Electronic Shooting Game Machine?


1. English version, insert the coin and the machine begins.
2.Add the story mode, let you pay more attention to play it.
3.Can connect 2-6 machines which adopt global advanced safety system.
4. The video is very clear and enjoyed by the players.
5. Generous and deluxe appearance, humanity design for easy and comfortable operation.
6. New and unique program, extremely attractive.
7. Exciting movement, strong feeling of real car racing.
8. Adjustable, high accuracy and stability.
9. Easy to operate and manage.

10, Insert coins and choose your gun, then press the start button to choose story mode, you can play from the beginning, or choose chapter mode, you can choose customs.

11, Two people cooperate to shoot and kill the enemy.

is a new arcade shooting game and popular for game centers

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