H2 Overdrive

H2 Overdrive racing game machine 

H2 Overdrive machine  in details :

This is a rowing race game machine. This game is the theme of rowing competition, the content is very rich, is the game in the water tired game. There are different rowing and racing tracks to choose from. The game screen is very realistic, feeling is exposure to competition. This is a screen-like game that exercises control. This game can simulate the game on the water to meet the requirements of the players, very dynamic.


How to play H2 Overdrive?

1.Insert the coin and start the game
2.A large number of tracks,the rowings are from all over the world,we collect different kinds of roll boosters to strengthen the rowing performance.
3.42″ high resolution LCD offer us a HF picture,just control the steering wheel and step on the gas pedal.Powerful music equipment around you…

H2 Overdrive

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