Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park arcade Game machine on sale

Jurassic Park game is based on the “Jurassic Park” movie, which has set a record in ratings and has different levels.

Each level has a target dinosaur.

Players need to shoot all kinds of dinosaurs to successfully avoid the attack and catch the target dinosaur.

The Jurassic Park shooting game console game shows dinosaur pictures, plus light gun shooting, and realistic scenes, allowing players to have a more exciting experience of thrilling escape.

Jurassic Park Shooter Specifications:
Specifications: W1360 × D2030 × H3000 mm
Power: 1350W
Net weight: 145KG

Jurassic Park Shooting Game Features:
1. The special appearance design complements the game:

the appearance of the machine body is a semi-enclosed frame design, and a dinosaur head panel is added on the top to create a scene of dinosaurs attacking the cabin;

plus the entire machine frame is made of dinosaurs.

The picture is a design pattern, and the decoration of the light strip is added around, which makes the appearance of the machine more vivid and attractive.

2. Multiple audio devices make the game more shocking:

The machine is equipped with multiple high-quality audio devices, which can play the game sound effects, produce the sound effect of the interactive theater, add a shocking atmosphere to the whole game, and let the players concentrate on the game. .

3. Super-sensitive gun, sensitivity:

The light gun of the machine uses light-sensing technology, with high sensitivity, players can shoot at the target at will;

at the same time, the light gun has a strong sense of body, according to the different launching weapons, it will produce different vibration effects to enhance the shooting feel.

4. The game program is upgraded, and it is infinitely exciting:

the game has a total of 9 levels, and players can freely choose the level before entering the game;

each level will be attacked by different types of dinosaurs, about 30 kinds of dinosaurs;

the whole game is designed There are three target dinosaurs, and the target dinosaur can only be captured after avoiding the attack of the dinosaurs and successfully clearing the level; in the game of each level, different weapon activation codes will appear (there are 5 kinds of weapons:

default gun, minigun, freeze gun, Electric light gun, shotgun), after a successful hit, you can use this weapon for a short time, which can increase the success rate of shooting and allow players to clear the level more smoothly.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Shooter Game Settings:

The number of games played can be set according to the lifetime value of the game task.

For example, you can set 3-4 coins/time (which can be set according to the consumption of the venue) to obtain the life value.

After the life value of the game, characters is consumed to zero, you need to insert coins to renew the life value.

Jurassic Park Shooting Game Introduction:

1. Put in the corresponding game tokens and start the game;
2. Use the light gun to select levels (9 levels to choose from);
3. Shoot, avoid the attack of dinosaurs, and hunt down the target dinosaurs (different weapon activation codes will appear on the way, you can use this weapon briefly after hitting);
4. Successfully pass the level, catch the target dinosaur, the final record is announced, and the game is over.

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