Justin Gatlin

Product name Justin Gatlin
Model CP-S023-1
Game shooting simulator
Spec/Size(L*W*H) W165*110*240CM
Screen 42-inch
Weight 160KG
Colorful As picture/Stickers can be customized
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 600W
Warranty One year

Gatling Gun King, cool appearance, 42-inch screen, more shocking under the ultra-wide field of view, 360-degree panoramic picture real scene simulation, high immersion effect, the scene zero distance to enjoy the shocking visual experience. Jungle shooting, thrilling, panoramic game, real-feeling experience. Well-made VR game content, with many scenes and layers of levels, the difficulty and fun of the game are gradually increased, and the sense of immersion is gradually enhanced; thousands of bullets are fired in a row, and bombs can also be cast to make you roar on the battlefield, hearty! Synchronized The game plot can complete difficult and thrilling actions such as jumping, climbing, tilting, turning, falling, and bumping, allowing users to have a hyper-real experience in terms of movement, direction control, audio and video, etc.
The game content and hardware have a high degree of matching, real customs clearance, smooth and dripping, small footprint, and convenient operation. Simple operation, no need for personnel service, saving labor and time cost.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

  1. Sealing wooden packing:pear wool+Brow paper+Stretch film+Sealing wooden packing
  2. Wooden Frame:pear wool+Brow paper+Stretch film+ wooden Frame

Guangzhou or shenzhen

gatling gun king gameplay

When the player puts on the HTC headset, he enters the game screen and operates the Gatling machine gun. When entering the battle, the enemy will have various arms to start attacking. When destroying the enemy, there will be airborne ammunition and medical kits, which can be used in battle. You can get supplies in the middle of the game, destroy all the enemies to pass the level, and the game is over when your health is exhausted; you can get a supply every time you pass a level. Players can choose their favorite equipment to fight.

Players can experience an immersive feeling after wearing VR glasses, and the LCD screen outside the device can synchronously display the game screen to the people around them. More players join the game together!

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