Little bee

Small crane

Model NO.:CP-L002-1
Power: 110W
Weight: 70KG
Player:1 Player
Material: Blister, wood, glass

Little bee Small crane

Little bee claw crane machine Manufacturer Information

Guangzhou Colorful Park Animation Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing and sales company integrating electronic game machines, motion simulation game machines, ticket game machines, coin-operated machines, prize exchange game machines, toy cranes, children’s amusement facilities, etc.

The factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters, with certified certificates and a professional technical team to provide technical support to our customers.

Our vision is “to create a world-class brand and a hundred-year high-tech enterprise”. Our strict quality management system and excellent factory management have been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad.

The park has been certified by SGS, CE, ISET Italy, and the products are sold to more than 100 countries abroad. We insist on the business purpose of “creating happiness with our heart and bringing happiness to everyone”, and take sunshine, vitality and fashion as our business philosophy.

Little bee claw machine Features:

The crane machine is not something new, major shopping malls, video games you will always see a few, almost become a standard in the cinema video game city, is one of the most loved game items for couples, girlfriends.

The main thing is that playing crane machine will be addictive, can not catch will continue to catch, caught also want to try again, consumers are happy to play, the businessman is happy to earn.

So, crane machine is not really laying to earn money? How to operate? Today we invited the long-term crane machine equipment background management Zhang to share dry goods for us.

Many people have two impressions about crane machines: one is that they are a scam and cannot be caught at all, and the other is that crane machines are a profitable business, and in my opinion, both of these views are right.

In my opinion, crane machine is a business with small investment, low risk and short payback period. For the crane machine industry, which is still in the dividend period, find the right spot and get the corresponding return.

Program control, controlled difficulty

The little insider of the crane machine is also clear to everyone, that is, the internal program can control the difficulty of grabbing, a crane machine can be adjusted by adjusting the voltage, control the grip strength.

There are generally two settings for strong and weak grip, if it is a weak grip, almost 50 times can hit one, the minimum 200 times in one.
Gripping strength of the setting time can also affect the difficulty, for example, set a strong grip for 3 seconds, then after 3 seconds the doll will loosen off and can not be transported. In addition to strong claws, weak claws, there are various times of first strong and then weak, and the crane machine can set the frequency of strong grip appears.

When setting the internal procedures of the crane machine, you need to pinpoint a degree: too difficult no one continues to play, too simple will not earn money, or even lose money.

It is best to make customers feel easy to clip out, feel hopeful, fun, generally will be the following layer of dolls as closely as possible to discharge a little, so that people are more difficult to clip up, the upper layer to put a few dolls look easier to clip out to attract people to play.

How to win money on  Little bee claw machine ?

The cost of the crane machine project is very simple, mainly divided into five parts: crane machine, dolls, site rent, labor and equipment maintenance fees, and are a one-time investment, and later do not need to spend more on other efforts. Therefore, there are many people who are doing crane machines as a side business.

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