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Mario Kart GP 2 Arcade Action Section


On the Mario Kart GP 2 Arcade car selection interface, press the + sign to view the character and vehicle information, press the L key to turn on the assisted driving,

press the R key to turn on the auto throttle, you don’t need to press the A key all the time, and press the Y key to turn on the somatosensory, it is recommended to turn it off

Rocket start: when the countdown reaches 2, press and hold the A button and not loose (the cylinder will explode if you press it too early, and the acceleration effect will be poor if you press it late)

Drift: Press and hold A and R at the same time and use the left joystick to control the direction (the A button can not be pressed when the autopilot is turned on)

When drifting, it will accumulate energy, release the R key to achieve additional acceleration

(there will be three states depending on the degree of drift, divided into blue fire, red fire, and purple fire, among which the purple fire has the best acceleration effect.

When drifting, use the floor drift to increase the speed of the fire and stick it inside as much as possible. The legendary drainage canal is curved

(for advanced drifting skills, it is recommended to go to station B to watch the teaching videos of winter melon and Diaruga)

Jump: Press R at the moment of flying from the platform, there will be a stunt action in the air, and there will be a small acceleration effect when landing

(if the position is not good after drifting, you can jump to fine-tune the direction of the front of the car)

Anti-gravity: When the wheel turns sideways, it can have an acceleration effect

Steering in place: Press and hold A+B and push the left joystick to make a U-turn in place. It can be used when the head of the hit car is facing backwards.

Brake: Press the B button to reverse, click to brake (a necessary skill for 200cc, otherwise you can knock your head off)

Rearview mirror: Press the X button to look back and observe the riders behind

Release props and defenses: Press the L key to release the props forward, pull the joystick back and press the L key to release the props backwards,

hold down the L key to hang the turtle shell banana peel and bombs behind the car for defense

The use of gold coins: Each gold coin obtained in the game can increase the maximum speed by 1% and the maximum accumulation is 10%

(gold coin props get 2 gold coins each time they are used)

Items: There are 23 types of items in three categories, attack type, defense type, turtle shell, banana peel, acceleration type mushroom, mixed type missile, invincible stars, etc. Among them, feather items only appear in the battle mode, and hit the square with a question mark in the lane. Items can be obtained randomly, the first place can only get gold defensive items and bombs


What is Mario Kart GP 2 Arcade mainboard look like?

Mario Kart GP 2 Arcade


Why the people like Mario Kart GP 2 Arcade?

The difference between Mario Kart GP 2 Arcade and other racing games is that due to the introduction of props, the uncertainty is very large, and the fault tolerance rate is relatively high.

In particular, the quality of the props obtained has a lot to do with real-time rankings.

If you don’t run well at the beginning, you will be in the back of the line, eat a bomb and run for a while, maybe you will enter the first army again.

In other racing games, if you are competing at the same level, if there is a small mistake in the front, which leads to a lot of backwardness in the ranking, then even if you show the best state and level later, if you want to really catch up or even take the first place, it is very important. It may depend on the opponent’s more serious operational mistakes.

But what if the opponent is also stable? Basically, it means that you are behind in front, and you have no heart to run well in the back.

The carriage is different, I am behind, then I will strive to drift perfectly in every corner.

If I am lucky, I can even pick up awesome props.

As long as I have two such opportunities, I can be among the top few, and the rewards are very rich. , is very strategic.

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