VR arcade Machine hotsale shopping mall indoor game Horse Riding Simulator

VR arcade Machine hotsale shopping mall indoor game Horse Riding Simulator

A VR device that simulates ancient battlefields. Feel the power and beauty of cold weapons and ancient battlefields. It perfectly restores the brutal ancient battlefields.
Simulates horseback riding, strengthens muscle ability, improves balance, and enhances flexibility.
The latest design of the comfortable saddle cushion relieves fatigue, non-slip pedals, a stable seat, and ensures safety. It incorporates various special effects to truly feel the unrestrained feeling of galloping horses, and experience the speed, bumps, and jitters during riding. When riding the saddle, Wear VR glasses and hold the handle to experience galloping. Overcoming space constraints, you can experience the fun of horseback riding in just a few square meters.

Model No.:CP-S029-1   Size:160*60*150cm   Power:9000W  Weight: 250KG   Player:1 player

VR shooting game machine catalog 1: Equipment use instructions Two: equipment power supply and fixation Three: know the screen and use Four: the computer boots up and open the VR player Five: Start the game Six: turn off the equipment

1. Do not place this product in the following locations: Outdoor locations with direct sunlight, in a high-temperature environment, or near the high-temperature objects; Place in places with unstable positions, tilt Angle, and vibration; Weight-bearing can not meet the requirements of the booth, glass material, and other places;

2. Routine product maintenance and inspection Before doing business every day, please try whether the product can operate normally before its use; Each part shall be checked once after one month of operation.

3. Health warning Pregnant women, the elderly, or have a history of visual abnormalities mental illness, or other serious health conditions such as heart disease Population, we recommend consulting a physician before use. Due to the different personal constitutions, in order to avoid causing discomfort, such as dizziness, dizziness or headache, we do not recommend it for a long time With this product, if you feel any discomfort, please stop using it immediately and temporarily avoid any potentially dangerous activities (such as driving) until the symptoms are completely gone. Children under the age of 13 should play with their parents


How to play: When you are ready, put on the glasses and wait for the administrator to select a game for you. If there is a picture in the glasses, it means the game has started. You can wave your hands. There are 10 optional scene modes in the game


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