new outrun

new outrun arcade racing game machine in details:

new outrun game machine function:


1.The new outrun game machine is suitable for shopping mall ,market ,amusement park ,it’s popular with young the same time, player
can have an on-line racing.
2.This is a dynamic racing simulator which is the popular Style for many country。
3.It has HD LCD monitor with real race track
3.This product will give you true a feeling of racing which is exciting and enjoyable.


About the new outrun arcade games we offer:

All the arcade games are fit for home use and business use. for business use, fit for arcade game center, shopping mall, store, and other area with more people.
We also offer customized service for all of our machine, like cabinet design, art work design, motherboard design, offer fully customized service as your wish.


About new outrun racing machine motherboard:

We have lots of motherboard for our machine, Usually, we will suggest you use the most cost-effective motherboard, In good display screen, the motherboard is not easy to malfunction, and is good for maintenance.

new outrun

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