Arcade Game Normal Basket Ball Machine

适用年龄: 5岁,6岁,7岁,8岁,9岁,10岁,11岁,12岁,13岁,14岁

Place of origin: Chinese Mainland Province: Guangdong Province City: Guangzhou City
Applicable gender: Universal color classification for men and women:

Basketball machine Children’s basketball machine Ordinary basketball machine Luxury basketball machine Ordinary folding basketball machine Street basketball king Shooting king Recreation machine

Type: Basketball machine
Applicable age (new version): 5 years old and above


Normal Basket Ball Machine
Arcade game Normal Basket Ball Machine

Model NO.:CP-C040


Power: 80W

Weight: 220KG

Player:1 Player

Packing :1.18*1.11*2.46M

redemption ,ticket

Game Description
After a large coin deposit, you can choose between single player mode or multiplayer combat mode:

During the start of the countdown period in the game mode, other machines can join the countdown period of the game.

During the end of the countdown period, the ball is thrown into the basket, the score increases, and the light flashes brightly.

When multiple balls are continuously thrown, the score increases. The higher the score, the higher the score.

When the input is interrupted, the score resets to the initial value (1 ball, 1 point);

When the game time is less than half, the basket begins to move;


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